WWE Raw 2/23/09: The Good The Bad and The Ugly—Triple HHH Returns, HBK vs. JBL

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2009

The Good:

Vicky Guerrero Opens the Show With Edge, John Cena, And the Big Show

I'm calling this good only because I didn't expect it.  I guess Stephanie doesn't have the same "Super Genes" that Shane does, and one lousy RKO puts her out of commission for a while.  Whatever.  Edge was great in his "sort of " shoot on Cena, but I felt he should have taken it a little further. 

Cena was his usual self...funny, kind of, but also predictable.  The moment she said "or my family," I was thinking Chavo.  I don't think I'm alone in this.

HHH Confronts Legacy

I found this interesting if not exactly entertaining.  It was too drawn out.  Orton comes across a little too afraid.  The chase scene reminded me of when my brother used to chase me from our bedroom to our living room, (I'd always throw kitchen chairs in his way). 

I didn't expect physical contact between the two main guys, but I'm giving this a lukewarm "Good" just because I expected more.

Steamboat vs. Jericho

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.  Steamboat was my favorite wrestler as a kid, so it doesn't matter that they kind of both botched a line or two.  This was great.  New wrinkle with Steamboat talking about Jericho getting his autograph.  Makes me want to see where this is going, although I know all the rumors out there.

Legacy's Other Two Speak for Orton Segues into Santino Marella

Nice way to separate Orton from Rhodes and Dibiase, while keeping Orton as the wormy heel.  And Santino is always going to have a place in my good column.  Anyone else think that Dolph Ziggler looks like Mr. Perfect and Psycho Sid had a baby?

The Bad:

Let's Go To the Videotape

Too many times to waste the time to go over each one, but they show way too much stuff that we've seen five or more times.  Okay, I'll mention one.  The interview with HHH from Smackdown?  Does this guy go anywhere without a water bottle?  I like HHH, always have, but he doesn't do serious face character well.

Mixed Six Man/Woman Tag Team Match

Let me first say that I'm just not a fan of woman's wrestling.  Even so, I don't know why they continue to squash Santino all the time.  Sometimes it's funny, but he is magic when it comes to speaking, so he doesn't need the gimmick of losing in embarrassing fashion every week. 

Michael Cole

His announcing.

The Ugly:

Triple Threat MITB Qualifying Match

This automatically goes into the ugly category because I feel that it should have been a ladder match.  You had the briefcase there, why not?  Can't give it away for free?  Bull.  It wouldn't take away from the big one at WMXXV. 

Also, I have to say that the IC belt should be big enough to defend at Wrestlemania, and the IC champion shouldn't need MITB to get a title shot anyway. 

But thats beside the point.  The match itself was decent, with a couple of good one on two spots, but really, unless Morrison wins the IC belt from Punk in the next couple of weeks, what a waste.

Waiting For HHH To Arrive

The gimmick of the wrestler who hasn't shown up yet should only be used if a heel wants to give the impression that he is bigger than the rest of the show.  Why wouldn't HHH want to be there bright and early, looking for Orton?  I just don't like illogical "tension" building.


You know what, in order for this to have been good, I needed to see something from this feud that I hadn't seen before.  I didn't, although the match itself wasn't horrible.  Koslov made it interesting at the end, and I am intrigued to see if HBK can actually make a Koslov match watchable. 

By the way if Raw was Mortal Kombat, Koslov would have had a Flawless Victory.

Mike Knox Vs. Jamie Noble and John Cena Vs. Chavo

What's the point?  How about Jamie Noble vs. Chavo next week?  My big problem with this is the fact that they saved it for so late, when it was so obvious that they were going to do it.  Again, I just can't stand illogical.

Overall Show Rating: Three out of five stars