Pacquiao Will Crush Hatton: What the Hatton-Malignaggi Fight Actually Revealed

Latigo RapperCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2009

A lot of people were amazed at how Ricky "hitman" Hatton engaged Paulie "magic-man" Malignaggi and eventually romped off with an 11th round TKO. Boxing scribes all over the world praised Hatton for effectively using his jab and boxing skills instead of just relying on his usual all out slugging style.

In addition to that, they also noticed how Hatton was able to display some improvements on his defense.Thanks to defense guru Floyd Mayweather Sr. for his supposedly successful overhauling job on Hatton's style.

However, despite of all the improvements they've made on Hatton's arsenal I still don't think he has enough weapons to stop the raging battle tank from the Philippines called MANNY PACQUIAO.

Going back to the Malignaggi fight, I think that there was a factor which was not considered by many and if they did consider this factor I believe they wouldn't be awed so much by what Hatton accomplished lately.

I am talking about the "one-hand" factor here because although physically Malignaggi has both hands, his right hand was injured and thus he was only fighting with his left hand.  The outcome was already clear from the very start but what surprised me was the fact that  Hatton  was not able to knock his opponent out.

If Malignaggi's corner didn't call it quits the fight could have raged on until the 12th round, that would have been very embarassing for Hatton. Furthermore,  the  "magic-man" was able to tag hatton repeatedly with his jabs and if you will review the fight he even hit him with a rare right straight in the later rounds.

Is the hitman's shooting skills becoming rusty or is it because the magic-man wore magical gloves that night?

If Hatton could not K.O. a not so powerful one handed fighter,  how do you expect him to win against a fighter who fights with two red hot blazing hands which has pierced through gold-as in golden boy and has doused off dynamites-as in dynamita marquez.

I do not wish to zero in on Hatton though because as they say one punch can make a difference in boxing. But then what are the chances that the "hitman" can actually land that lucky punch? I think the chances are less than 5%.

At the level Pacquiao is in since he stopped Barrera in 2003, he has come to develop a certain defense that does not allow opponents to penetrate with their wild power punches. Even those already considered boxing legends were unable to land their haymakers on Pacquiao, how much more for a boxer who is still aspiring to  become a legend?

I mean no disrespect to the throngs of Hattonites out there but I really don't see Ricky Hatton raising his arms in victory after this encounter.

For sure the Mayweather Sr. factor is there but think about it, there's only two months left before the mega showdown and I don't think two months is sufficient for Floyd Sr. to transform Hatton into a Super Hitman capable of derailing the Pacman express.

My fearless forecast on this one is that Hatton will either kiss the canvas once or twice before getting Knocked out in round nine.