WWE's Saturday Morning Wrestling Show: History Tells Us It Will Fail

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 6, 2012

WWE's Saturday Morning Wrestling Show: History Tells Us It Will Fail

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    The WWE recently announced plans to debut a new Saturday wrestling series. The company later released a survey, asking fans to help decide on a name for that series.

    However, they may be better off just calling it quits. 

    Once synonymous with vintage wrestling content, Saturday seems to be a cursed day for professional wrestling in recent eras. The WWE, among others, just haven't been able to figure it out yet. 

    With Saturday programming inevitably fizzling out on multiple occasions, this particular day has proven to be a syndication destination for the WWE more than any type of gold mine for prime time, let alone daytime.

WWF LiveWire

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    WWF LiveWire was the Saturday morning call-in show with highlights from WWF programming, as well as some original content, including interviews with superstars. 

    The show was hosted by Todd Pettengill and Sunny before being taken over by Michael Cole and later Jonathan Coachman. 

    LiveWire would eventually fizzle out after a five-year run. 

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night

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    WWF Shotgun Saturday Night was the one-hour weekly wrestling show that strayed from the typical family programming that the WWF was known for to that point. 

    While the WWE used Shotgun Saturday Night as a vehicle for a more adult-oriented product, a decision that ultimately led to the most successful era in WWE history, the show only lasted two years and was pulled from the air in 1999 after debuting in January 1997. 

WWE Saturday Night's Main Event

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    While the original Saturday Night's Main Event was an institution in the WWE, the WWE's attempt at revamping the iconic series fell violently flat. 

    The WWE aired multiple offerings of the once-popular wrestling show, with each episode premiering to modest ratings, especially in comparison to the exponentially stronger ratings that SNME drew in the 80s and early 90s. 

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling

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    Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling was a short-lived Saturday-morning TV show based out of Lawler's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. 

    Given the rich wrestling heritage in Memphis, the nostalgic Saturday morning timeslot appeared to give more promise to the show in terms of attracting a niche following.  

    Unfortunately, the project—co-promoted by the WWE—was shut down after just three episodes with Lawler citing financial problems.

WWE Velocity

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    WWE Velocity was the Saturday night wrestling program featuring undercard wrestling matches between up-and-coming talent. 

    The show premiered on Spike TV for three years from 2002 to 2005 before being pulled from television. It was then streamed online briefly before permanently being canceled. 


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