Kevin Kolb's Nightmare Start Launches Cardinals' QB Situation into More Turmoil

Scott CarasikContributor IIAugust 5, 2012

Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb was bad. No, he was downright awful in his preseason start against the Saints. John Skelton coming in with a solid performance didn't help the quarterback turmoil that the Cardinals currently face.

Terrible performance from Kolb to start the game off

Kolb began the game horribly. His first pass was an interception that gave the momentum to the Saints and their first touchdown drive. Then after that he went a total of 1-for-3 and gained just four yards through the air.

He looked completely out of his element out there, and the Saints weren't even applying pressure to him. He was making bad decisions and took a big hit that he shouldn't have even been in position to take in the first place because he held onto the ball to long.

Kevin Kolb Injured with Rib Contusion

When Sedrick Ellis hit Kolb in the end zone in the first quarter, Kolb had to exit the game due to an injury. There were questions as to what it could be but that was answered quickly. Kent Somers, Cardinals beat writer for, was on the case:

Kevin Kolb has rib contusion. Return is doubtful

— Kent Somers (@kentsomers) August 6, 2012

A rib contusion is something that can linger. While Kolb won't miss more than just this coming week of practices and maybe another game on top of it, this is a set back for him if he truly is trying to win the job and prove he is worth anywhere close to his contract.

John Skelton with a solid performance

Lost in the shuffle of the night will be the solid performance that Skelton had. He only had six throws, but he led the Cardinals on a touchdown scoring drive. He finished the night going 4-of-6 for 32 yards and no interceptions but no touchdowns either.

He didn't make mistakes. He also didn't force any throws and made sure that he could lead the Cardinals down the field. He will end up starting in the end, and once he gets all the first-team reps, he will be a legitimate starter for the Cardinals.


It wouldn't shock anyone to see John Skelton win the starting job. It's only one game into the preseason and the Cardinals already look like they will be better off with the more efficient Skelton. Skelton looks the part and the Cardinals would be better off with him as the starter than Kolb starting.

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