Radford University: Big South Regular Season Champions

Derek WardContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

This past Saturday, Radford University clinched the Big South regular season Conference Championship, and has made a case to make the NCAA as an automatic bid as long as it finishes taking care of business during the Big South conference tournament.

I congratulate my university on their accomplishments, and I have been awaiting the year I would finally get to see my alma mater in the NCAA Tournament. I've longed to be able to just fill out that one bracket where I have a No. 15 seed make the Sweet 16 (just in case my Highlanders makes that Mason improbable run).

But, will it happen?  I have my fingers crossed, but am skeptical of my alma mater just because they have let me down time and time again. After watching them have a shot of winning 20 games by season's end, winning 13 of its last 14 (and eight straight), and watching how coach Brad Greenberg (Yes, older brother of the Hokies' Seth) has finally got this team playing like a team, I feel this is our year.  To see the Highlanders in the tournament and to hear Clark Kellogg do a profile of the college I attended is something I am getting antsy about.

Just two games remain in the regular season. Those two home games are against High Point and our rival, Liberty. Winning the final two will be crucial to helping us achieve the dream.  

Going into the Big South Tournament with home court advantage and a 10-game win streak is exactly what I think will get the job done for RU and the Highlander Nation.

I am not jumping the gun—I know our ticket isn't completely punched yet.  But this team finished seventh in the Big South last year and now making its run.  

Bring on Winthrop, High Point, VMI—whoever the Big South wants to throw at the Highlanders, because I will be watching on March 7 when Radford is the first team to punch its ticket for the dance.

Dread the Red Highlanders.  I'll see you in the tournament!