From a Yankee Fan to a Yankee Star: I am Done Defending You, A-Rod

Matt CullenAnalyst IFebruary 24, 2009

I may have just been biased being a Yankees fan, but I have always found the criticism of A-Rod to be a little ridiculous.

Rodriguiez is widely known for his struggles in clutch situations, but he played well for most of the 2004 postseason.

Even when he struggled against the Red Sox when they made their historic comeback from being down three games to none, Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield did just as bad, and nobody seemed to notice.

I defended him when he slapped Bronson Arroyo's glove. It is completely believable that he did not know the rule and, as a Yankee fan, at least he was trying to win.

Rumors that Yankee teammates despised him were common, but I never heard anything conclusive.

Quite a few members of the Boston Red Sox took shots at him before Spring Training in 2005, but what did I care. They are the Boston Red Sox.

Then came A-Rod cheating on his wife, which I obviously did not condone. However, I could be able to stomach him remaining on the team.

And then there was Joe Torre's book where he confirmed that teammates called him "A-Fraud."

It got even tougher learning that Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003 and while his named should never have been released in the first place, he cheated.

He responded well with an interview with Peter Gammons. Rodriquez admitted more than he had to saying that he used steroids for three years. He also refused to blame anybody but himself, and seemed legitimately remorseful.

It was his long awaited press conference in Spring Training is where it all unraveled for me though.

A-Rod came off as disrespectful to reporters.

He claimed to have bought the steroid he tested positive for over-the-counter in the Dominican, it was revealed later though that the drug, (Primobolan) was also illegal in the Dominican Republic at the time. It was also revealed that he traveled with a trainer that was banned from Major League Baseball for steroids as recent as last season.


Are we really supposed to be believe that he got traded to the New York Yankees and all the pressure that he had to perform in Texas was gone?

It has been confirmed with Torre's upcoming book and the reactions of fellow Yankees players during his press conference that A-Rod is the most despised player in professional sports.

Look at everyone lining up to take shots at him. From Roy Oswalt to Lance Berkman, from Jamie Moyer to David Ortiz, and Ozzie Guillen now calling for year-long suspensions for those who are busted for steroids.

To my recollection, Turk Wendell was the only player to call out Barry Bonds for his steroid use.

So when Rodriguez undoubtedly gets booed sometime in Yankee Stadium this year, do not expect me to feel a thing.

The days of defending the piece of trash are officially over. Consider me to be Barack Obama and A-Rod to be Reverend Wright in this case.

Enough is enough for a man who is undoubtedly now one of the biggest jerks in sports.


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