Manny Signing with Dodgers This Week!!!

Miguel SalcidoContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

A report today from 570 AM in Los Angeles says that an agreement has been reached between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Manny Ramirez camp.

The flagship AM radio station for Fox Radio is saying that it is a two year-contract with an option for a third year. This is not official and no other sources have broke this story. The official announcement is supposed to come later this week. 

The third-year option is said to be heavily laden with incentives. This is exactly what people expected—a third or fourth year with massive incentives. Of course I would also expect a J.D. Drew-esque out clause negotiated in there by Scott Boras, Manny’s agent.

It appears that the Dodgers' strategy this offseason has really paid off big time! Getting Manny for two years with a third-year option is a great deal for them. Of course the numbers have not yet been announced; let’s just hope that they are near or below the earlier offer of two years at $45 million.

This is great news for Dodgers fans as it automatically catapults the team into the top echelon of the National League.

Their only perceived weakness so far seems to be pitching because of the lack of experience on the staff. But the team is laden with young talented arms that are ready for this season and many that are still marinating in the minors. I expect the Dodgers to have some exceptional homegrown pitching talent come of age this year and the coming years as well.

Adding Manny also makes Juan Pierre somewhat expendable. That and a logjam at certain positions internally put the Dodgers in a great spot to trade for some pitching as the season unfolds if necessary.

The Dodgers are prepared to run their kids out there this year and see what they can do.

And of course there are a slew of veterans trying to resurrect their careers as well. People like Claudio Vargas, Jason Schmidt, Shawn Estes, Jeff Weaver, and Eric Milton are all seasoned vets that could turn things around.

All said, the Dodgers lineup is looking mighty scary at this point and I am sure that Dodgers fans around the world are looking forward to the coming season!