UFC Fight Night 13: Big Night for the Light Heavyweight Division

Derek NoppeCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2008


UFC Fight Night 13 on April 2 has a great line up, speaking as a fight fan I am not going to miss it.  One of the biggest fight on this card is going to be Matt “the hammer” Hamill vs Tim “the barbarian” Boetsch.

These 205’ers both head into this one with something to prove.

Boetsch was a last minute replacement for Stephan Bonnar in UFC 81 and showed very well.  Boetsh took it to David Heath and won a convincing victory at 4:52 of the first round with a TKO stoppage.

Hamill on the other hand is coming off the controversial split decision loss to Bisping.  This was on Hamill’s second fight of 2007 but he did look good.

Matching these two together is a bit of genius on Dana White’s part.  Both are big, strong light heavy’s.  Although at first look it is hard to believe that Boetsch comes in that light.  Both are strong wrestlers, again I think I give the edge here to Hamill as he seems to have competed at a higher level, and been successful.

Matt Hamill has been improving with every fight.  To be honest, when I first saw him in Spike’s “The Ultimate Fighter” he seem to be very one dimensional.  Hamill has been training with Team Renzo Gracie on his JiuJitsu and with Bunsong Seng for his Muay Thai.  The improvements have been very noticeable. He is now defiantly a threat in the light heavy weight class.  Put this together with the drive to prove to everyone that he was wronged by the referees in the fight against Bisping and you have a dangerous fighter.

Tim Boetsch, is to be honest a bit of an unknown.  But that sometimes can be a good thing for a fighter.  He did look impressive in his quick fight last time, but will his conditioning be at a level where it needs to be to tangle with Hamill?  Tim is an American mixed Martial Artist that is MMA code for bad ass.  He has trained in Jeet Kune Do and wrestled at the collegiate level.  He will be a man on a mission.  His mission is to stay in the UFC, and we all know and win and you stick around has always been Dan White’s moto.

Give the fans and good fight, and you get to fight again.  Oh yeah, you get paid by the fight.

Mark this one down, it is sure to be one of the highlights.

Until next time, keep your hands up and your chin down.