The Joke(r) On You! No Use in Crying Over Spilled Milk, Watcha Gonna Do Rourke?

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 23, 2009

Don't worry,don't be confused, intimidated or angry. This is a wrestling article, and this isn't a humor one either. I'll briefly explain my picture.

Mickey Rourke didn't win last night at the Oscars last night. He had lost to Sean Penn for Best Actor in "Milk", a film about a homosexual politician. That explains the "milk" in my article title.

Then there's the Joker. Heath Ledger won for Best Supporting Actor last night...and the Joker and milk goes together....sort of.

"Why SO Serious?!"(Sorry, I couldn't pass it up).

A couple of weeks back Rourke and Jericho had a feud that was heating up. Rourke called out Jericho on the red carpet of the SAG awards, thus the inception of the annual Wrestlemania celebrity/wrestler feud. Jericho and Rourke had an exchange of words on CNN's Larry King Live.

The Wrestlemania feedback wasn't what Rourke thought he would get. Most of the feedback and vibe were negative, especially the L.A. Times that said that Rourke's Wrestlemania stint will ruin his Oscar changes.

What is an actor to do? He wanted to win, but he wanted to work in Wrestlemania.

A few days later, Rourke's publicist stated that he would not take part in Wrestlemania. Vince McMahon said it was a rumor, but WWE confirmed it a day or two later.

It was apparent that Rourke wanted the award. He was successful at the Golden Globes and wanted some more success.

WWE found themselves in a corner. What to do when you need to fill in a spot?


Hopefully WWE doesn't plan to bring back the Hulkster so he can put on a horrendous show one more time for the paycheck...I mean Hulkamaniacs. Hulk loves us...and his money too.

We've seen Chris Jericho cut segments having disdainful comments towards our great WWE legends. Ric Flair was a victim of his bashing, and came on RAW to confront him.

If Flair had wrestled Jericho, that would have put a hole in his legacy and make his meaningful and classic bittersweet match with HBK at Wrestlemana 24 "worthless." Thankfully he didn't, and we got to see the Nature Boy once more for old times' sake.

The next legend to confront Jericho was Rowdy Piper. I haven't seen Jericho lose a mic battle since he battled the Rock when he debuted that hot summer August day in 1999.

Piper got the best of him. He spoke some truth, and I loved it. Jericho didn't. Piper was assaulted by Jericho.

Who's up for this week?

Talks have gone around, and I've heard Slaughter. I don't want to see him at all. What can he possibly do or say? No offense to the creator of the Cobra Clutch, but he wouldn't cut it for me.

Who's left? The fewer choices WWE has, the more they'll move to Hogan, and the more he'll drool for that paycheck.

Austin has been brought up, but I'm ignoring anything that has to do with Austin wrestling at Wrestlemania 25. He just doesn't belong in the ring anymore.

Rourke now has "NOTHING TO LOSE". He lost the dear Oscar he wanted so much, so what is he going to do? He came out of awards season with tons of awards, so he did a great job. I'll be going to see his film whenever I get a chance to.

I wasn't so high up on Rourke versus Jericho. I even wrote articles on why they shouldn't face, but now there is no choice.

I really don't want to see Hogan and I believe many out there agree with me. Rourke is in the fast lane and he can either take the road home, or to Wrestlemania...what is going to be? Rourke has a decision to make.