WWE Analysis: Will the Ryback/Jinder Mahal Feud End Up Benefitting Anybody?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 4, 2012

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

For the second week in a row, we have seen Jinder Mahal take the low road when facing Ryback by ending the match with a countout and DQ decision.

This marks Ryback's first real feud, and it is the first time Jinder Mahal has really had a feud since Khali.

When you look at them, both men are exactly what you would think WWE would want in a superstar on paper.

Jinder Mahal is in great shape and he has a heel gimmick, which could work well under the right circumstances and with the right partner/opponent.

Ryback is a big, monstrous killing machine who has the intensity and power to look like a real threat against anyone he steps in the ring with.

But for one reason or another, neither man has found a sure footing with the WWE audience, and it begs the question: Will a feud between two struggling superstars really benefit either one of them?

Look at it this way—if Mahal loses the feud in the end, then he is right back where he started and Ryback has beaten someone who had no momentum to begin with; but if Ryback loses the feud, then he has lost all of his momentum by losing to someone without much credibility in the company in terms of wins.

Either way, somebody is going to come away from this feud a step back from where they were and the winner will probably not take a step forward because of it.

Really, the only person who would possibly benefit from coming out on top in this feud is Mahal.

The logic behind the feud seems to be that they can help each other out, but when fans have not invested in either superstar yet, then it does not stir up interest in the feud.

Ryback has been getting a bit more of a following in recent weeks. Signs can be spotted int he crowd bearing his name, and you can see some of the crowd mouthing his catchphrase when he screams, "Feed me more!"

Jinder Mahal, on the other hand, seems to be treading water in WWE, which is sad because he seems like he could be a bright star someday.

His heel gimmick needs to be more than just the Indian aristocratic heel because he seems like he is just a mix of elements from Alberto Del Rio and The Iron Sheik.

He needs some depth, which can only come with time as he develops on the mic and in the ring in front of the fans on TV and not just at live events.

If Mahal was able to come away with a win against Ryback and be the first person to take him down, then it would certainly be the only real positive outcome to this feud.

Ryback would suffer a bit, but Mahal would finally have a bit of forward movement in his WWE career and possibly move onto a feud with another midcard baby face like Tyson Kidd or Santino.

I don't see WWE, having built up Ryback the way they have, letting him lose to Jinder Mahal, so it seems unlikely that Mahal will come out of this unscathed.

No matter what the outcome is, nobody will remember this feud in a year anyways.