Jets, The Draft Is Coming!!

Eric RogersContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

April 25 is day one of the NFL Draft and the big question on every Jets fan's mind is who do we draft with the 17th pick in round one? 

One mock draft has Jets getting the 6'5", 290-pound defensive end from L.S.U, Tyson Jackson. However, I would think the Jets would draft someone at a different position.

With Eric Barton leaving, there will be a gap in the Jets linebacker core, leaving David Harris (picked 47th overall in the second round of the 2007 draft) with no help in the middle

This is why the Jets need to draft James Laurinaitis. The 6'2" 240-pound linebacker can fill that gap, is an excellent tackler, has the ability to get to the ball quick, and is prime example of toughness (he hasn't missed a game due to injury).  The only way we don't draft him if he is still on the board at 17th pick is if Jets sign Bart Scott (which is a likely possibility).

If the Jets do get Scott then a cornerback would be the next crucial position to fill.

Yes, Dwight Lowery was just a rookie and still has plenty of time to get better, but I just don't feel like he will improve very much, at least not to the point of becoming an elite corner back.

I say draft someone like Alphonso Smith. Malcolm Jenkins and Vontae Davis most likely won't be there by pick 17 and Davis gives me the feeling that he can become an off- field distraction.

The 5'9" 190-pound Smith will probably be around by the time the Jets are on the board. He may be small but if he performs well at the rookie combine (specifically the 40-yard dash and the vertical jump) he could become an elite cornerback.

However, in order to be a good corner you need to be able to cover as well; you must be able to read the receiver's route, read the quarterback's eyes, and play your zone.

Bottom line, if Smith can play corner like Darrelle Revis, then height shouldn't be an issue. The only time height would be a major factor is if he is covering tall receivers like Calvin Johnson, Terrell Owens, or Larry Fitzgerald.

The one thing I think all Jets fans know and agree on is that the Jets have a history of blowing draft picks, and the Jets better not blow this one.