Canadiens-Senators: Ottawa Goalies Can't Catch a Break in Montreal

Christopher OlofssonContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

Despite the unforeseen return of the captain Daniel Alfredsson—looking like a pokémon with his added jaw protector—the Ottawa Senators still managed to lose 5-3 against the Montréal Canadiens. That said, the Sens weren't without assistance from their recently-acquired offensive defenseman, Chris Campoli.

Campoli ''Brings It''

The one-time Isles rookie defenseman showed why Sens fans should consider adding the words ''puck-moving'' next to his position. He helped Jarkko Ruutu and Dany Heatley in their goals.

If the Auld and Elliott Tandem Didn't Have Any Bad Luck, They'd have No Luck at All

The Ottawa goaltenders seemed to have been screened at one point or another during the game, consequently letting in some rubber. Nevertheless, I don't know if there is a lack communication with goaltenders, but on my minor hockey team, our goalies let the forwards have it. This issue should be looked at, especially since the Sens have exceptional goaltending.

The Grinders Pot a Few

Jarkko Ruutu is on track to have a career-high season. He scored in a dying cause, and entertained as well. While he was taunting a Habs defenseman with bite gestures, the referee told Ruutu to ''watch it,'' thus inducing a comical moment.

As far as losing goes, it turns out that Daniel Alfredsson will not be lost to injury. Alfredsson was great on the ice, getting an assist, and helping Heatley score. He was also grinding—his physical play was present on the ice.

Kovalev and Halák Tear It Up

Admittedly, Kovalev was quite the surprise. After a two-game break, he was able to manage one goal and two assists, adding another three-point game to his curriculum vitae.

Furthermore, it seems that the legend is true—Halak is unbeatable after his team scores three or more goals against opposing teams. On the other hand, the chances for the Senators were there, but they just could not capitalize.

Halák was just that good, being a wall in net.

A Chance For Redemption Tuesday on Feb 24, 2009 at 7:30 PM Eastern Time

The Ottawa Senators will be hosting Joe Corvo (former Ottawa Senator) and the Carolina Hurricanes. Moreover, the Ottawa Senators will hopefully learn from their errors of their previous game, and go on another winning streak.

Trade Deadline Buzz

Elsewhere, it seems Bryan Murray has been scheming up a deal in his little office, stating that he does not want to wait for changes on trade-deadline day. He is leaning towards this week. Team 1200 provided a tape recording stating the preceding.