The Nickle: The Glue That Binds: Things RAW Must Do Tonight for "Transition"

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 23, 2009

Orton and Triple H feud..."TRANSITION!"

Alright WWE the ball is in your court. WWE drove us to the end of the cliff, but didn't drive all the way off. They hit the brakes. Suspense is good, suspense makes us think, suspense makes us want more and most importantly, gets does ratings that WWE loves so much.

Vince is done, Shane is gone. Stephanie is hurt. Triple H has arrived on the scene. Remember that highly anticipated RAW? You know the one after Vince got punted. WWE tried to cool down some steam, but they went overboard. We have Orton, Legacy, and Triple H....make it work.

We're not asking for you to run head first into an all out brawl, storytelling is necessary. All they have to do is keep it interesting.



How many weeks in a row are CM Punk and Regal going to compete in the same match? We haven't hit March yet and already they had nearly 10 bouts! It would be aright if it had some sort of angle,  but it's a plain ol' grudge between the two. How many times will Cryme Tyme wrestle Priceless?

Come on, this has o stop. There isn't even titles involved on this. There isn't a feud anyway for goodness sake. Mix it up wil ya!


Bring back Miz and Morrison and.....

I find it hilarious how two ECW superstars are the RAW tag champs and they are having matches on Smackdown. They aren't defending the title and it needs to be defended. They had a nice run, time to give it up.

What sense does it make to feud with the WWE tag team champions? Ummm, you're the World Tag champions and you should be on RAW. The duo has gotten rather stale, so please take away the straps.


Jericho's Segment

It's safe to assume that Chris Jericho will have a segment on tonight's RAW. He's a great mic man so we shouldn't be worried. I wonder which legend will pop out tonight? I've heard of slaughter, which would be...rather dull if you ask me.

We get that Jericho is bashing these legends. How much longer will we have to see him attack a legend and continue his disdainful speeches? I have no problem with his segments, but transition is needed.

I didn't catch all of the Oscars last night, but word on the street is that Rourke didn't win. No Oscar, huh? That's a bummer, but how but a nice paycheck? These bad economic days, one would be dumb to turn down a paycheck. I'm not down with Rourke really, but i'll take anything over Hogan.


Mike Knox and Rey and the mid-cards

To be honest, I don't know why I'm talking about this, but Knox and Rey needs to end. WWE has two failed stories already.(Mike Knox/Rey and Kane/Kelly Kelly) There just might be more that I don't now about.
Rey needs a decent story and NEEDS to stop facing big men.
I'm tired if the David vs Goliath already. Henry, Big Show, Kane, Knox, we've seen enough. I haven't enjoyed a Rey story since the story he has with Eddie Guerrero and the custody battle they had over their son Dominique. Kofi Kingston is a great talent. He is widely popular, but needs some mic time.
Tell us about yourself Kofi. Dolph Ziggler's clock is ticking. Use him, or lose him. There's nothing about this guy that makes him stand out, or worthy of staying. Let's see how RAW does tonight.