The Piston's Problem: Not Just The Team

Omari Sankofa IIContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

Yeah, Yeah

I know ya'll want to blame Michael Curry for the D-Town woes.

But it isn't just him. We all know that the main people who want him to be fired were the ones who applauded the decision to make him head coach.

So what's the problem?

The problem... is Joe Dumars.

I know I may be single-handedly starting an uproar, but it's true. Sure he might be one of the top execs in the league. Sure, he put the Pistons into playoff contention by trading the (then) NBA-sweetheart Grant Hill for the (then... and now) lowly Ben Wallace. Sure, he put the Pistons into Championship contention by landing us Rasheed Wallace. Sure, he has had success in raising young players into stars. However, he made one glaring mistake.

No, not Darko.

He put too much hope into Rodney Stuckey.

Rodney Stuckey had flashes of brilliance last year as a 6th-7th man.

But his time has not come.

He isn't ready to lead a team of veterans that has had six seasons of success. He isn't ready to guide the team into the light after a blockbuster trade. The trade was right, but the timing wasn't.

So we can't point fingers at Allen Iverson.

Rodney Stuckey just isn't ready.

The team is at fault for some of the woes. Don't get me wrong. But putting a 30-year-old team onto the shoulders of a 20-year-old is not the answer.

It's just too much weight.

At this point, Stuckey needs to be benched. Yeah, it's a tough move. But he has crumpled under all of the scrutiny and stress. Yeah, Michael Curry could have handled the situation differently. But he's a first year coach.

Like Stuckey, like the rest of the team, Curry is lost.

So let's not point fingers. It's just time for this team to fade. Maybe Dumars will work some magic again and land us a true leader.

It's still likely. Next summer.

So, let's just pretend that this season does not count.

So for now, thank the Pistons for what they have brought us in the past.

And move on.