Big Ten Football Tweets of the Week: Please Sign This Baby, Famous Football Man

Adam JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterAugust 3, 2012

Why is Tim Beckman laughing? You'll see. Photo via @BTNBrentYarina
Why is Tim Beckman laughing? You'll see. Photo via @BTNBrentYarina

Every Friday on the Big Ten Blog, we'll bring you the best Big Ten-related tweets of the week.

Being a football player is quite a task, even off the field. The stakes are higher on everything you do short of using the bathroom, the public demands unceasing civility, and if you make bad decisions, people are going to know and be vocal about it.

It's a lot to ask of a young man.

In return, though, comes adulation the likes of which we mere mortals cannot fathom. Women (and some men, if it's preferred) throw themselves at the feet of these athletes. People pretend to be them in video games. Even a mere signature—the thing we're used to only giving for credit card receipts and rent checks—turns even the most mundane thing into a treasure.

Like a baby.

Wait, hang on—wait, wait, wait, what?


PHOTO: An Illinois fan asks Graham Pocic to sign a unique item:…

— Brent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina) August 2, 2012


HE'S SIGNING A DAMN BABY. With any luck, the dad was like, "I'm never washing this baby again."

Speaking of fandom, the great thing about it is that it doesn't adhere to borders or any other man-made divide. Wherever in the world (or space) you go, your fandom goes with you, and that's a thing you can share with whoever else you're with.

Or at least you're supposed to, anyway. Someone in France didn't get that memo, though.


If you wear OSU gear into the Louvre and don't I-O my O-H, I hate you forever. Seriously, that guy. Whoever he was.

— Vico (@ourhonordefend) August 3, 2012


The best part? That's genuine betrayal in those words. You don't leave an O-H hanging, no matter where you are, not even the most famous art museum in the world. It doesn't even matter if you're dead. That's how serious this is for Buckeyes.

Hey, speaking of Buckeye fans, this tweet ended up getting deleted, and we just can't imagine why... 

What? What's the problem here? Michigan might be going to that game, and if you can't see another Ohio State game, you might as well go watch Michigan instead, right?

And lastly, this is a tweet about Penn State football. Not the scandal, not the transfers, not court proceedings or anything bad. It's about a guy who'll be on the field (and probably starting) for Penn State in just four weeks.


Just changed my number. On 9/1/12 vs Ohio U. I will be wearing #1

— Bill Belton (@therealbill_1) July 30, 2012


Feels good to know that even at Penn State, football's coming soon, doesn't it? Feels pretty good.