Rangers Fire Head Coach Tom Renney

Kevin PapaCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2009

According to the New York Times, Coach Tom Renney's tenure as a head coach of the Rangers is over. He was fired following a horrible showing at the Garden against the rival Toronto Maple Leafs.

Perry Pearn, assistant coach of the New York Rangers, was also fired but Mike Pelino will stay.

Although Renney had gotten the Rangers to three consecutive playoffs appearances, they have been struggling mightily of late, and this might be a promising add-on to a team with not much to show. His overall record is 164-121-42.

After all the speculation and criticizing of the Rangers organization, there is at least an attempt made to produce a playoff berth and possible other changes to come.

I believe the Rangers will not stop here and will continue to clean house in other ways. There are too many old, outdated, and ineffective ingredients in the organization of late.

They still need to change the way their team is playing hockey and while they have a chance, trade for an effective player who can help direct this team into more passionate stronger, and smarter hockey.

If anything, this new coach will bring a new fire and want to this team of seemingly unaffected players. We need a coach similar to how Mike Keenan was in 1994. Tom Renney was a "player's coach" but did not push these players as much as he should have. The Blueshirts need a coach that will provide a definite reason to play their hardest all game, every game.

Hopefully this will change the fortunes or at least the attitude of a team and players that have been showing little signs of success. They might finally be able to overcome their problems and once again become a staple of success for the New York area and within the Hockey world.

Do you feel this will affect the Rangers at all? Or do you feel other changes need to be made for them to be truly successful?