South Plains Dodgeball League: One More Week Until the Season Finale

Nathan LuskContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

As the South Plains Dodgeball League, in Lubbock, TX, winds down its inaugural season, some surprising statistics have been compiled by the teams. Only one undefeated team remains, SYAD (Sit Yo' Ass Down), and they have compiled a match record of 6-0, and a game record in those matches of 19-5. 

Two second place teams have also made dominant marks on the league. The Red Rubber Balls are 5-1 in match play, with an astounding 21-3 in games in those matches. Their only lost match includes all three of their lost games. 

The Vageniuses are also 5-1 in match play, with a 16-5 game record in their matches.

In the middle of the pack at 3-3 are ManBearPig and the Ball Bangers. Both teams are fun to watch and have made true strides in improving their games.

The bottom half of the league is populated with losing records, even from some surprisingly good teams. The Space Monkey Mafia is 3-4, with a game record of 10-16. At 2-4 are the Average Johns and Exploding Bazookas. 

The Free Agent Nightmares (a team of individual players formed into the last squad) is 2-6, with Shabishell at 1-6.

Most surprising has been the skill of some of the players on virtually every team.  Stacy, from Shabishell, is a former softball player, skilled at dodging the ball, and able to hurl it with most of the guys.  The Red Rubber Balls have several players who are former college baseball pitchers, and their throwing accuracy is nearly flawless.

SYAD seems to win its matches with skills that encompass the entire game.  They move well, dodge well, and their throwing, while not as hard as some teams, is deceptively accurate and timed for big outs. Tommy, the Captain of SYAD, leads his team with a real passion for the game.

The Vageniuses boast their own Danny Gokey look-alike, and have great dodgeball skills as well. Their strategy of having far too many players gives them rest and recuperation during each game, which means their tired opponents must face fresh athletes every game.

The Nightmares boast a few standout players as well. Brent, a soccer player and business owner, uses great footwork to both dodge and throw balls, while Kyle F and Kyle M make an attempt at catching any ball thrown their direction.

After the games played Wednesday, Feb. 25, seeding for the tournament will begin.  Teams are seeded based on match record, with the game winning percentage used for tiebreakers.

Every team makes the tournament to compete for the prestigious Championship T-shirts and bragging rights for next season.


The Commissioner of the South Plains Dodgeball League is also the writer of this article, Nathan Lusk, and can be reached by interested parties at (806) 632-7454, or