The Eighth Bald Prophet Bracket Projection

Marc DaleyAnalyst IFebruary 23, 2009

Since you can't have a dance without songs, the next two sections owe something to some '80s music legends.

"Dancing on Glass"

The last four teams to get at-large berths are Tennessee, UNLV, UAB, and Kansas State.

Tennessee's only saving grace right now is their RPI of 25. They're 16-10 overall and barely above .500 in the SEC; getting swept by Kentucky doesn't help either.

Kansas State doesn't have a great RPI (75), but sits at 7-5 in the Big 12. KSU has won eight of their last nine, including scores over Missouri and Texas.

UAB is finally getting some well-deserved love. The Blazers have a 39 RPI, are a point away from winning their last 10, and have no real bad losses in their profile.

UNLV's recent one-point win over BYU might have saved their hopes. 

"Dancing With Myself"

The last four teams to get denied are San Diego State, St. Mary's, Providence, and Oklahoma State.

San Diego State was doing fine until they got blasted by New Mexico. They get BYU tomorrow and can sweep UNLV in the last regular season WAC battle.

St. Mary's has proven they don't need Patrick Mills to win but need to get into second place in the WCC.

Providence has been blown out in each of their last two games and only has a 16-11 overall record, plus a bad RPI.

Oklahoma State has a nice RPI, but their only quality win comes against Siena. They also only sit at .500 in the Big 12.



1 Pitt v 16 Radford

2 Duke v 15 Robert Morris

3 Michigan State v 14 Stephen F. Austin

4 Xavier v 13 Vermont

5 Florida State v 12 Tennessee

6 West Virginia v 11 Arizona

7 Texas v 10 Utah State

8 UCLA v 9 Minnesota



1 Oklahoma v 16 Long Beach State

2 Louisville v 15 Morgan State

3 Clemson v 14 American

4 Arizona State v 13 Davidson

5 Purdue v 12 UNLV

6 Gonzaga v 11 Kansas State

7 Dayton v 10 Ohio State

8 Syracuse v 9 South Carolina



1 Connecticut v 16 Play-In (Alabama St./Jacksonville)

2 Kansas v 15 North Dakota State

3 Villanova v 14 Buffalo

4 Wake Forest v 13 VCU

5 LSU v 12 UAB

6 Utah v 11 Penn State

7 Cal v 10 Temple

8 Wisconsin v 9 Siena



1 North Carolina v 16 UT-Martin

2 Memphis v 15 Cornell

3 Marquette v 14 Weber State

4 Missouri v 13 Western Kentucky

5 Illinois v 12 Creighton

6 Washington v 11 Kentucky

7 Butler v 10 Boston College

8 Florida v 11 BYU