WWE: What Will Happen with CM Punk and Paul Heyman on Raw?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2012

Photo from wwe.com
Photo from wwe.com

Here comes the Punk.

Did you like that one?

Right about now I’m hearing Triple H in my head as he and Shawn Michaels stand in the ring, fully decked out in their DX gear.  He stares down for a moment, then lifts his glance to the crowd.  We know what’s coming.

“Are you ready?”

You better believe it, brother.

The last time we saw CM Punk, he was sitting in the passenger seat of a car driven by Paul Heyman. It was a sight that many of us thought perhaps we would never see.  Now that it’s happened, it makes perfect sense.

After all, the two men became inexplicably linked after Punk declared on Twitter that he was “a Paul Heyman guy.”  The speculation began that moment—for fans, for writers, for anyone who has ever dared form an opinion about the current WWE champion.

Basically, the thought was: what if Heyman were to return and manage Punk?

The idea was just a whisper, just a passing notion, and one that began to somewhat dissolve with the return of Brock Lesnar.

When Brock came back to WWE, fans were sent reeling.  His ferocity, his intensity, his impact on the company was immediate.  He was must-see TV every time he was on the air.  Whenever he cut a promo, though, the fans’ reaction was perhaps not quite what WWE was hoping for.

Cue the smirks and giggling.

Let’s face it: Brock is not exactly Arn Anderson on the mic.  For that matter, he’s not even Santino Marella.

Wait, Brock’s not reading this, is he?

When we were all reminded of Brock’s inability to inspire vocally, the same bunch of us who were wondering if we would ever see Heyman accompany Punk to the ring suddenly switched gears.

Now, it was all about Brock, and the fact that he needed Heyman.  Not to become relevant; he was relevant long before he returned to WWE.  Lesnar needed Heyman to sharpen the cutting edge he had long been famous for.

A reunion of Brock and Heyman was just what the situation called for, as fans lost their collective minds over the former ECW promoter.  And, with good reason.

On the mic, Paul Heyman is what Brock Lesnar is in the ring: a beast.  

Heyman gets it done in a way that very few in the business today can.  He is such a natural, everything seems to come so easily for him.  It’s because of this that he is a great manager.  He’s one of the best ever.

With a mouthpiece like Heyman speaking for him, Brock gained more credibility than he ever had before.  He became more of a threat to the overall stability of the company when he took out the chief operating officer, Triple H.

When Brock declared that he was done, walking away once again, we were left with the very real possibility that we had, at least for now, seen Heyman for the last time.

How wrong we were.

We have spent the past six days doing nothing but talking about what we saw during the closing moments of Raw.  We have debated it, we have speculated on it and we have prognosticated a bit, believing that a new incarnation of the Dangerous Alliance will be born in WWE.

Every possible path has been explored, every potential twist has been analyzed.  

Or has it?

Admit it: How many of us truly saw the return of Heyman at the side of Punk?  

The amount of time that we had once spent imagining that scenario was made a reality when we least expected it.  Give respect where it’s due.  WWE creative catches a lot of heat over a lot of things, but last week was, to put it simply, extremely well done.

“Extremely” well done.  Another zinger there.

The point is, we do not always know what’s going to happen before it happens in WWE.  Last week was proof positive of that. 

As we prepare for Raw tonight, instead of continuing one bit of speculation after another, I think it’s about time that we just sit back and watch.

Let’s just enjoy it, people.  It should be a fun ride.