Nebraska Husker News and Notes for Feb. 23, 2009

Jeff WilliamsAnalyst IFebruary 23, 2009

Husker News and Notes

* Joe Ganz is the new Matt Davison:

Ganz had four public appearances last week, which brings the former Nebraska quarterback’s total to 14 since early January. Not bad when you consider Ganz is almost on pace to match the ever-popular Matt Davison’s deluge of appearances right after he completed his eligibility at NU in 2000—not that anyone ventures to officially track these things.

At any rate, Davison estimates he made 30 to 40 appearances in the five months right after his senior season, before he turned his attention to trying to make it in the NFL. I mention Davison’s name mostly because he remains in heavy demand as a speaker.


* For the first time during winter conditioning, Mike McNeill is 100 percent:

Two years ago, McNeill was coming off shoulder surgery and was inactive. Last year, the tight end was fighting some minor dings and smarting from an unproductive redshirt freshman season.

Things are different now.

"This is the first winter I’ve been 100 percent," McNeill said. "I can just do more."

Rising five days a week for 6:30 a.m. running and drills is easier when healthy. Three afternoons of lifting are more tolerable when there’s some production behind you or promise ahead.


* Roy Helu Jr. is seeing dedication from his teammates:

Five weeks into an eight-week stretch of strenuous workouts, the players are working harder than ever, Helu said.

"We’ve seen good leadership and sacrifice," said Helu, the rising junior poised to take over the top I-back spot next fall. "We saw it last year, how the senior class would lead by example. That was the type of people they were. They left their legacy definitely with our class and the seniors coming up this year."