Will the Real Montreal Canadiens Please Stand-Up?

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2009

I don't know what to expect anymore from the Montreal Canadiens as this season progresses. They went on a six game road trip out west getting a grand total of three points. They won one game against Colorado that they should not have won.

Then they had a tie against Washington which was probably the best game of the road trip. Carey Price didn't look good at all during the road trip, in fact he did a perfect imitation of a sieve.

Before the road trip had ended they banish Alex Kovalev from the team for at least two games, leaving everyone wondering was he done as a Hab?

With all that and the red hot Senators coming into their home barn, what will happen now?

In an answer to that they start the afternoon game with a bang, scoring first, and three minutes later the previously banned Kovalev steals the puck from Chris Phillips and scores on Elliot.

They are not only suddenly scoring, but they are beating the Senators to the puck and creating chances...something they did not do on the road. With the first period ending with a 2-0 lead, what will the second period bring forth?

They continue their strong play and score again which brings an end to Elloit's game. With Jaroslav Halak doing a masterful job in net things look good. But the Sens started to fight for the puck and just when you thought a Canadiens' goalie might get a shut-out, no its 4-2.

Now onto the third. The Canadiens are buzzing again and score their fifth goal, but those Senators will not go away and with just a few minutes left they score goal number three.

Now Habs fans everywhere are glad for that fifth goal. With their goalie pulled the Senators fire everything but the kitchen sink at Halak. But the Canadiens come away with a much needed two points.

But I ask will the Real Montreal Canadiens please stand-up?

Will this strong skating and fighting for the puck continue as the Canucks come to town for a Tuesday night game?

Vancouver didn't look good against Toronto and needed a Sundin shoot-out goal to get their two points on Saturday. A week ago Sunday the Canadiens didn't look good vs. the Canucks. Maybe things will be different at home. I sure hope so.