Creature vs. Creature: Results After Auto Club 500

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Creature vs. Creature: Results After  Auto Club 500

The point standings did not change much from last week. Three drivers were chosen twice this past week.  Ironically, these same three drivers were picked by two writers in the first week of the season.

S.M. Napier and Ben Bomberger are first and second in points. Both picked Kyle Busch, the highest finishing pick.

Kelly Crandall, sixth in points, was the lone pick for Greg Biffle, who finished second among the drivers selected.

MJ Buchanan and David Phillips are third and fourth in points and both picked Carl Edwards, who finished third among the picks.

Adam Heasley and LJ Burgess picked Jimmie Johnson, who finished last among the selected drivers.  As a result, Heasley and Burgess are now in fifth and seventh.

Several writers thought about taking Matt Kenseth for week two, but were worried about the dreaded 12-year period it had been since a driver won the first two races in a season. He did it!

The only change in the point standings this week was Crandall jumping to sixth.

Here is a recap of week two (in order of standings after Auto Club 500):

S.M. Napier—Kyle Busch, finished third, 335 points.

Ben Bomberger—Kyle Busch, finished third, 312 points.

MJ Buchanan—Carl Edwards, finished seventh, 280 points.

David Phillips—Carl Edwards, finished seventh, 271 points.

Adam Heasley—Jimmie Johnson, finished ninth, 230 points.

Kelly Crandall—Greg Biffle, finished fourth, 215 points.

LJ Burgess—Jimmie Johnson, finished ninth, 195 points.

Check back on Friday before noon for the Las Vegas picks.

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