Joseph KutialoContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

The current Gunners awful performance has been disappointing and stressing to the die hard passionate Gooners. Arsenal has won only two out of the last eight games, six matches have ended in worse draws.

After all this bad results AW remains cool, he has consistently used the word spirit in his post match press interview. His soft attitude in dressing room makes players think they’re doing enough to get the desired results.

This is the right moment for the manager to remind all the players the reason why they are in Gunners colour. Indeed this season is worse than 2006 when Spurs almost secured the top four positions at our expense. That year was better since the Gunners reached the champions league for the first time. They were un-luck because of Lehman genuine red card and loosing the trophy in the last ten minutes.

The current crop of Arsenal players has lowered the clubs standard and dignity in the EPL, mediocre teams no longer respects the Gunners.

Their performance on the field is not convincing by loosing very affordable and crucial points to average EPL and mediocre teams. Arsenal is looking like an average premier league team and are frustrated every weekend by defensive opponents.

Analyzing the Gunners strength based on the first EPL leg and the last eight matches, my honest view is that, the players’ major problem is psychological; their mental ability is weak due to Consistent awful results.

The players are disenchanted to the level of losing their confidence and morale. Hence they are never psyched up for good result when playing their next match.

This problem must be overcomed as soon as possible, since it is the same reason that derailed the team’s chance of winning the EPL trophy at the same time last season, after the Eduardo’s Injury at Birmingham and draw.

I have been impressed by the spirit to fight and will to play by Aluminia i.e. (making world class saves), Toure, Gallas, Vanpersie and Clichy (urge to move forward and get a scoring chance while falling back to defend strongly during counter attacks made by the opponents). These players stand out to be counted as true Gunners,

The rest are lethargic and passive on the field, they are not passionate a bout the team: Bendtner, Song and Denilson are the worst passive players who do not demonstrate the fighting spirit for the team, i don’t know if Bendtner is a striker, due to the fact that he likes passing the ball even when he is in the penalty box you will see him returning the ball back. Truly speaking these players don’t deserve to get into the first team; we are using them now since they’re the only option available.

Sagnal is comfortable by just defending on the right back, he does not move forward with conviction of scoring, but to bring direct crosses that mostly are predictable and are easily handled by the goal keeper.

However the main cause of the current Gunners mediocre display can be fully attributed to the passive midfield which is not creative. Denilson and Song are defensive minded players, thus Arsenal strikers are not getting through passes to score.

The lack of creativity in the midfield forces Vanpersie to fall deep into the middle of the field and collect balls to launch an attack, hence putting himself under pressure from the packing bus opponents, example is the scoring chance he lost against Sunderland.

 I don’t want to be subjective in my analysis but the truth is that AW should listen to Fergusson advice of balancing the team. He needs to strengthen the defense, midfield and attack. That is the only action which will get the team out of the current quagmire.

Arsenal should learn how to cope with predictable injury problems. It is not safe to depend on specific players, Liverpool is also going through the same problem with the absence of Alonso and Gerald.

Thus understanding that the Gunners play style is always predictable which is an advantage to mediocre EPL teams,  AW need to invest in more than two proven creative midfielder’s. Fabregas injury has affected the teams balance greatly. Denilson will never play at the level of Cesc due to the fact that he is not creative, something that is not determined by the age of the player but technical ability. Although Ramsey lacks experience he needs more games and he can be better than Denilson.

Bendtner is un-predictable hence inconsistent player, he should come as substitute. Before Fabregas, Rosicky and Walcott return, AW should try to play Nasri in the Midfield with either Song, Denilson or Diaby to instill the missing creativity. Asharvin should play behind Vanpersie or Eduardo, while vela and Eboue should start on the left and right flanks respectively.

That is my personal opinion Gooners let me here from you.