Donald Cerrone Isn't Looking Past Melvin Guillard, but He Wants Anthony Pettis

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Donald Cerrone Isn't Looking Past Melvin Guillard, but He Wants Anthony Pettis
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One of the worst parts of conducting fighter interviews is that, for the most part, you know what kind of answer you're going to get. As a matter of fact, you often know the exact answer you're going to get before you even ask the question.

A lot of that falls on the interviewer. It's up to us to tell interesting stories that haven't been told before, and that means coming up with questions that haven't been asked before. But that's not always an easy thing to do, especially when you're faced with conducting 10 or 15 interviews in a single week and writing the resulting stories.

Luckily, there are guys like Donald Cerrone who make our jobs easier. 

Cerrone has a habit of saying whatever is on his mind at any given moment. He doesn't care if it might offend your delicate sensibilities. It doesn't really matter if you care at all. 

Witness Cerrone's response to a recent LowKick interview asking him that grand old question that every fighter gets asked before a fight: who's the next guy on his hit list?

"I plan to win!", Cowboy told in an interview this morning, "I will fight him and yes, he is my brother, but I want to get paid and I will go through anyone they set before me."

"Anthony Pettis' bitch ass! Anthony, quit hiding behind your sore shoulder and come to the dance."

I love Cerrone's style, both inside the cage and out. And I love the idea of him fighting Anthony Pettis next. 

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