Why World Series Games Should Be Played in Los Angeles

Mike KentSenior Writer IFebruary 23, 2009

Can we handle another World Series like this again?

Another rainy World Series in a stadium that is not a dome or not in a hot city?

I don't want to see another World Series like that again. Please here me out.

LA is a perfect place for a World Series to be played, so this is the idea:

1. The MLB builds a new very big stadium in LA that will be used for the World Series.

2. The stadium needs to be a place not only for baseball but also for other sports like soccer All-Star games and sports-friendly stadium so the can try to make some money out of it by renting it out for other big sporting events like the World Baseball Classic, the baseball and soccer All-Star games, and maybe one day the Olympics.

3. If this is going to work this place needs to be one of the best stadiums in the US, so get lots of high-tech gear and cool stuff to make it happen

I know most people think I am crazy, but I think this would be great for baseball and maybe even for other sports.

You are probably thinking about the bad economy and the taxpayers money, but I think that if the Yankees can get Mark Teixeira, CC, and A.J for a quarter of a billion dollars, then baseball can find money for this new stadium.

And as a said before, the MLS and other leagues may want to join in on this stadium.

Others will probably think about the teams fans and how this would take a lot away from the World Series teams fans if this happens.

This well not be perfect, but you can sell the tickets in the home town of the team, that will help a little.

Others will say the All-Star game will have no meaning. I still don't think that is true.

Most players that play in the All-Star game play to represent themselves, teams, and league. So I don't think that that is a problem. And the team that comes from the league that wins the All-Star Game can take more money home then the team that was on the losing side of the All-Star Game

And if anybody is asking why LA and not a different city?

Well, LA is hot in October, has great amusement parks and other activities for baseball fans to go to when they are not at the game, and it has the most people in it so baseball can sell the tickets in a higher price.

So it all looks good, and there are not many reasons way not to do this. I do think there may be problems in the first couple of seasons doing this, but once the MLB gets the hang of it, it will be the best thing it has ever done.


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