New York Rangers Lacking Punch, Changes Sure to Be Made

Brian ZelenkaContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

With the latest loss to the cellar dweller Toronto Maple Leafs, The New York Rangers have found themselves in a do or die situation on February 23. The offense is sputtering and changes are sure to be made as soon as Monday morning. The forwards are not getting shots within the slot and the defensemen look lost...(eh hem...Wade Redden).

Let's start by saying...What is Glen Sather waiting for? He built this mess and now he needs to fix it. As the Rangers fall deeper and deeper down the standings, Sean Avery is playing difference maker in Connecticut instead of the Big Apple.

He needs to be on the wing with Dubinsky and Callahan. That is a line that most teams would want to avoid.

My second point is that Drury and Gomez just havent worked out. One or both need to go. There are a couple of intriguing players out there that could help us now, make less money and could help us with the cap when the dreaded summer of 09 approaches (Dubinsky RFA, Zherdev RFA).

Players such as Anze Kopitar. He hasn't always been happy in LA and Gomez would give LA an experienced center to go along with Stoll. Jason Spezza could possibly be had for say Gomez and Nigel Dawes and picks.

What is Ollie Jokinen's availability with the financial future of Phoenix on a cliffs edge? Say Gomez,Prucha and a pick for Jokinen and Steven Reinprecht? How about Markus Naslund to a "real" contender for some young talent? Something to build on.

Wade Redden is another player who hasn't lived up at all to expectations. He has been about as good as Marek Malik last year. He needs to go and if Sather can find a taker, he must be dealt. At this point I'm sure most Ranger fans would love to lose the cap hit and salvage whats left of their voices for every turnover Redden completes in his own zone.

These possibilities must be addressed and looked into. Tom Renney is gonna get fired and the said thing is...It's not really his fault. I've never been a Renney fan but lighting a fire on the bench is the only way to send a message from a GM's standpoint.

It's getting old, Its getting sloppy, Its getting late...and its getting embarrassing. The sad thing is...Right now somewhere in Russia...Jaromir Jagr is smiling.