Yankees Milestones That May Be Reached This Season

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IFebruary 23, 2009

(The Voice of Yankees Universe)

Every year a bunch of players reach milestones in their careers. I thought I would look over the Yankees roster and take a look at what milestones might be broken in the Bronx this upcoming season.

Mariano Rivera

500 SV- Currently at 482 SV / 1,000 K- Currently at 934 K


Derek Jeter

1,500 R- Currently at 1,467 R

Alex Rodriguez

600 HR- Currently at 553 HR / 2,500 H- Currently at 2,404 H / 300 SB- Currently at 283 SB

Jorge Posada

250 HR- Currently at 221 HR / 1,500 H- Currently at 1,379 H


Johnny Damon

200 HR- Currently at 183 HR / 1000 RBI- Currently at 914 RBI


Hideki Matsui

500 R- Currently at 474 R / 1000 H- Currently at 852 H


Mark Teixeira

1,000 H- Currently at 989 H


AJ Burnett

100 W- Currently at 87 W


CC Sabathia

1,500 K- Currently at 1,393 K


Xavier Nady

100 HR- Currently at 87 HR


I think all of these milestones could be broken this season, but a lot of things need to go right in order for it to happen. Injuries occur, people have bad seasons, so who knows what might happen.


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