Put on Your Jacket Mike, You Did Well Tonight

cory emblerContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

It was an old fashioned home-court advantage tonight in Durham. With G.H. scoring a career high 35 points, and Scheyer adding his career high of 30 points as well; Duke erupted at 7:32 PM on Sunday, Febuary 22nd.

Even the referees couldn't stop the momentous crowd before the game even tipped off. The Cameron Crazies were all jacked up on mountain dew while the referees stopped the tip-off not once, but twice. Each time the crazies just kept jumping. The tip went to Wake, and then it was on.

Elliot Williams looked to be the lock down defender on the assumed All ACC-TEAM guard Jeff Teague, staying with Teague the whole game. Elliot Williams alone forced four turnovers in the first two minutes which led to six quick points. He also helped on the offensive side with 11 points, mostly off of driving to the basket and forcing easy lay-ups. This was the third start for the freshman, and he hasn't yet disappointed the fans.

Gerald the high flying Henderson scorched the nylon by going 11-14 from the field, and 12-14 from the stripe. With three monstrous jams he lit up the crowd like a three year old on Christmas morning. Duke fans could not get enough as they chanted "ONE MORE YEAR" after the game was over.

Jon Scheyer was the point guard from the get go, controlling Duke's offense with sharp passes and working off of back screens to get open on the perimeter. Jon went 5-10 from the arc and also added nine free throws throughout the game. He was later asked about Coach K's intensity on the bench and he replied, "That's why I am a Blue Devil. There has not been one time I have regretted being under his (Coach K) wing."

I wrote an article earlier this week about Mike. I was asking where has he been. I have not seen the fire, I have not seen the determination in him lately. Watching tonight's game gave me my answer. Seeing the Blue Devils come out of the locker room, he raised both arms and told his crowd to stand up. They did not disappoint, and they to deserve an article just as much as any player on the team.

Coach K, this is your win. You went with your gut instinct and played Elliot for 32 minutes. At one point in the game, Duke had two seconds left on the shot clock. They inbounded it to Lance Thomas and he shot a mid-range jumper. Scheyer grabbed the rebound and put it right back up. Coach K was livid that there was no foul called, looked at WOJO as if to say "WOW!" He ripped the blazer off pounded the floor with both hands and said let's go guys we got this.

That is the Coach K that I am used to seeing. That one play swung the momentum of the referee's calls towards Duke's favor. Congrats Mike, you truly are one of the best coaches in college basketball. Duke Basketball will never be the same without this man on the sidelines.