The Dynasty Manifesto: The Instant Classic Is...."Instantly Forgotten?"

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2009

There's an old saying that goes "Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it." Well we wished, and wished, wished some more, and did some more wishing after that.

We grabbed that magical lamp called "Creative" and wished for Christian's return. I might be a little ahead of myself as WWE throws more curveballs than an MLB team, but then again I could be right on point.

We got a return all right, but not that many wanted. What went wrong? Didn't we wish right? We should have been more meticulous, or maybe we should have kept our mouths shut.

The "instant classic" returned to the last place we would think of "ECW." The land of extreme, huh? More like the land of the banished.

Many out there cling to your favorite wrestlers like sentimental belongs, so I apologize. My favorite diva Natalya is down there...oh the agony. I consider myself a smart man, a very smart man, but time and time again I keep finding myself looking as gullible as Smackdown diva Maria. Maybe I was just in denial, maybe I'm not giving it a chance.

Christian came and we cheered.....and we moved on.

"What happened?!" "Did I miss something?"

This was the man that everyone anticipated to return for months. WWE sure knows how to make an impact. I hope he doesn't end up like D'lo Brown. An instant classic was more like an instant photo flash.

People took pictures and that was pretty much it. Finlay didn't have his four leaf clover as Jack Swagger defeated him at No Way Out. So we'll see Swagger and Christian right? I must have forgotten because I saw caught up in the Cena/Edge, Triple H/Orton, Matt/Jeff Hardy, HBK/Taker, and the Jericho/Legend stories.

We have forgotten about the man we couldn't stop babbling about.

He was the "HOLY" Christian. I even admitted that I was going to watch ECW more after Christian had return.

I am such a liar.

A week passed and I chose to take an evening out with friends and didn't even bother to have it taped, heck I didn't even check YouTube for the match or look for the results. I heard the ratings were down as well. Why?

Oh what has happened to out messiah, savior, envoy that is Christian? Captain Charisma can have all the Charisma he wants, but it doesn't matter when your in the dungeon.

One man's lost is another's gain. With that said, congrats to Matt Hardy. This congratulation isn't just for the much needed heel turn, but for getting the heck out of ECW. Hardy payed his dues, begged for food, and fought for survival. The WWE kingdom had removed him from the dungeon.

Christian might have had that chance to be in the castle with RAW and Smackdown, but our divine intervention changed his destination. He's down there with the bottom feeders and we wonder why he isn't at the main event status.

Was he ever that good?

Just because Total Nonsense Action made him a top card star doesn't mean the WWE has to. Edge had got a heck of a push to get where he is today. Christian isn't going to get that push when...

A) He hasn't proved he worthy of such a push.

B) He originally left for TNA, and now must pay his dues.

C) His potential main event push was ruined by our constant gossiping.


This makes it seem like there's no way out for the once HOLY man. He has hope, 1 hope. The WWE draft is the only thing that can excel Christian. ECW is the bottom, so  the only place you can go is up, even if it's the U.S. title or IC title card status.

Wrestelmania talks are hot and heavy...and he's left out of the conversations. I say make him the next Mr. Money In The Bank. Is something in stored for him? For his sake, I hope so.

If the man wants to be a top card wrestler, then he has obstacles ahead of him. All he can do is sit out the storm and pray he gets out of the nightmare that is ECW and doesn't stay there for all eternity like Dreamer and Henry.

Hopefully the "Instant Classic" won't be the "Instantly forgotten".