Matt Kenseth's Record Stays Perfect after Auto Club 500

'Tukie BamContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

Matt Kenseth has taken almost everyone by surprise, winning the first two races of he 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series—something that very few expected.

He ran down Jeff Gordon in California, this after running down Kevin Harvick at Daytona. Who can stop the kid?

At this point, I have absolutely no clue. All I know is that Kenseth is hot, and it's going to take a huge performance to cool him off. Kenseth is only the fourth driver in NASCAR history to go 2-for-2, and at this rate, don't count him out in Las Vegas.

His crew chief was flat-out amazing. The No. 17 team's strategy was stellar and his car was the best on the track. The guy deserved this win. He led 84 laps, and no offense to Gordon, but if he would've won, I can truthfully say that the best man wouldn't have won.

The racing gods were definitely watching over the race though, as Gordon's car slowed right before he could pull ahead of Kenseth. There wasn't one caution in that long stretch and Kenseth's car came out with not even a scratch.

Was it a fluke? Heck no! It was a little luck, but the team would not have won with just that—they needed skill and a great strategy.

If Matt "Robot" Kenseth can run as well on these smaller, faster tracks like he did tonight, you may see him pull away in the standings.

Another thing that does help Kenseth is his focus. He was incredibly focused and that was just another reason why he did so well.

So, this win was a good win, no doubt. Watch out as his perfect record won't go away without a fight.


Other Observations

1. My driver, Sam Hornish Jr., finished 23rd, which is good for an unknown driver like him. At times, he was in the top-15, but as more and more drivers fixed their problems, he continued to go backwards in the field.

It does show, however, that the kid does better on the shorter tracks—he moved up three spots instead of dropping three spots in Daytona. It also shows that he can go fast—real fast.

2. Penske teammate Kurt Busch finished well, making the team proud. A top-five finish for him, and finishing as the top Penske car, really did prove that Penske is still a good team, even after losing Newman.

When three guys can move up a total of 28 spots in one race, you have to be somewhat happy.

3. Toyotas ruled this race, having five in the top 15. It is surprising as NASCAR really didn't have too many Toyota's finishing in the top 15 and top 20 in years past, which just shows how much more popular this manufacturer is becoming in these winning teams.


A Ford (Kenseth's No. 17) did win the race, also showing how Ford is starting to gain some popularity. Speaking of Penske Racing (as a continuation of No. 2), Kurt Busch has been representing Dodge well.

He was the lone Dodge in the top 10, which actually surprises me a little.

So which manufacturer came out on top this race? It was Toyota in my opinion.