Christian a WWE Main Eventer Right Away? I Don't Think So!

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2009

Imagine if you would for just a moment, if Vince McMahon were to sit down with the Miz tomorrow and say, "Hey, Miz.  I have an idea.  Why don't you go over to TNA for a couple of years?  Go ahead.  Have fun.  Make some money.  Work a lighter schedule.  In three or four years, when your TNA contract is up, we'll hire you back, and you know what?  We'll put you right into the main event of Wrestlemania"! 

Now how does that sound to you?  

If you're one of the people who have been crying over Christian not being pushed to the top of the WWE immediately upon return, then that's exactly what Vince WOULD be saying to all of the other talent on the roster if he were to allow that to happen. 

But wait, how can you compare the Miz to Christian?  Okay, I can't do that without losing my credibility, but I only did it to make my point.  Not only would Vince be telling the mid-carders that they could get a higher spot by "making it" in TNA, he'd be legitimizing TNA as well.  And we all know that is something that he would never do. 

Vince would be saying, "Hey, you were right TNA, I should have had him headlining in the first place."

I think Christian should get a shot to make the most of his WWE return.  I've been a fan of his since he first debuted with Edge.  I just thought that some in the "WEBWE Universe" needed a little dose of the reality of why it was almost impossible to think that Christian would get a big time push coming back. 

The stories out there now about how Vince was mad that the secret of Christian's return was leaked, to me, are just a cover stories and speculation.  I think this was the plan for Christian the entire time. 

Putting him on ECW gives Vince the best of both worlds.  It maybe gets some more eyeballs watching on Tuesdays, but it also sends the message that dues still need to be paid.