Professional Wrestling: 10 of the Most Underappreciated Wrestlers of All Time

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 2, 2012

Professional Wrestling: 10 of the Most Underappreciated Wrestlers of All Time

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    For whatever reason, it is my opinion these guys did not get the respect they deserve in the ring.

    Champions of different promotions, some world champions at that. But they were never the "torch carrier" they could have been or the lead dog in some instances.

    Some were hurt by moving from promotion to promotion.

    Wrestling is a funny game of climbing ladders and who is the "hot" read of the day or the "hot" commodity everyone has to have.

    But when it is all said and done, these are the guys who I think were not given the chance to be as great as they could have been.

Dean Malenko

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    The Man of 1,000 Holds.

    He was a man who did not do a lot of talking, but was a huge success in terms of mat wrestling.

    Malenko played the role of face and heel and was a member of the famed "Four Horsemen" in WCW.

    He is the son of Boris Malenko. And when he moved over to the WWE, he was a member of the Radicals.

Tully Blanchard

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    The son of promoter Joe Blanchard.

    Blanchard was a success in San Antonio before he moved over to Jim Crockett. There he was a singles and tag team champion.

    He was profiled as a smaller version of Ric Flair and had he been a little bigger and stood out on his own, who knows what could have happened.

    Loved the fact he feuded with both Magnum TA and Dusty Rhodes. And both times, Baby Doll was involved.

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams

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    The Oklahoma Sooner great was a world and regional star.

    He was a regional champion in Bill Watts' outfit in Louisiana and was a champion with Terry Gordy in the Far East.

    Williams was also popular in WCW even as a member of the Varsity Club.

    There weren't many powerful and brutal as Williams when he was in his heyday.

The Barbarian and Meng

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    Two of the best tag team wrestlers in the history of the NWA and WCW.

    Meng was the wild man in the ring who was arguably one of the strongest wrestlers in the 1980s and 1990s.

    Barbarian was the consummate tag team partner and when these two faced the Road Warriors or other teams, there was a war to be had.

    Highly underappreciated.

Bobby Eaton

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    One of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time.

    Eaton was the glue that held together the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette.

    I wonder what would has happen if he started competing in a singles career?

    He was out of shape and had a mullet, but Eaton was pretty darn good.

Junkyard Dog

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    He was a regional star in the UWF. JYD was a great face and a title holder.

    When he came over to the WWF, he became a puppet.

    He also never had a chance to wear WWF gold.

    The fact he barked and spoke little in promos and then won matches in minutes really hurt his ability to showcase his talents.

Curt Hennig

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    A world champion in the AWA and a great in both WCW and the WWF.

    Hennig should have been a world champion in all three promotions.

    Great on the mic and a great technical wrestler, Hennig could do it all.

    And when they called him "Mr. Perfect," they weren't far off.


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    There was something about his gimmick that was just perfect.

    Scott Levy started out as this thin wrestler in Portland and Memphis and became a cult hero.

    His promos left you confused, and then wanting to hear more and how he controlled his "flock" was captivating.

    He could still do it today if he wanted to.

Rick Rude

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    He wasn't given the chances he deserved.

    He was International World Champion, but deserved more.

    The great thing about Rude was he never played the role of face.

    With a body that looked like it was chiseled, he made men cringe and made women drool.

Tito Santana

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    Santana was a mega star in the WWF in the early 1980s. He was a tag team and Intercontinental Champion and part of the pre-Hogan era.

    Santana never sniffed the WWE Title and should have been given a chance to try to capture the gold.