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WWE: Most Superstar Wins Through Month of July

Robert AitkenAnalyst IDecember 27, 2016

WWE: Most Superstar Wins Through Month of July

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    We are through July on the calendar, meaning we are fully past the halfway point of the year and approaching the end of 2012 already. By the time that August comes around, we will have been through two-thirds of the entire year.

    A heck of a lot has happened in WWE, as new champions have been crowned, milestones with RAW have been made, records at WrestleMania have been broken and reigns with titles are approaching historic levels. This is where the credit for what has happened in WWE is supposed to be dealt out.

    Winning is everything. Don't believe what they tell you in Little League. Just ask the Olympians in London right now how much winning means to them. Anyone can lose a wrestling match, but only something special can be a winner of a match.

    Dozens of superstars have won matches so far in 2012, but only the best and most viable superstars win often. Here's a list of the 10 superstars with the most victories on RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Superstars and on pay-per-view.

    Please note that the records and win totals are only showing the numbers through July 31, 2012. This does not include taped episodes that may have been recorded in July, but did not air on or before July 31, 2012.

    This includes this week's episode of Smackdown, this week's Superstars and NXT episodes, as well NXT episodes that were taped in the past few days that will not be seen by the public until some time in August.

Notable Names

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    Before we begin the top ten, here are the five superstars that just missed out on the top ten in victories. Below them are notable names that didn't even crack the top 15 and simply show their place in the rankings as of the end of July.

    11. Tyson Kidd (17-22-0)

    Kidd's 17 victories come as a surprise, especially because they are tied with the amount for WWE Champion CM Punk, who made the top 10 with fewer losses. Kidd is getting a lot of support from the fans and is showing his versatility. Just in the last few weeks, Kidd has been on RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Superstars and the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

    12. Jinder Mahal (16-13-0)

    This number does not include Mahal's participation in the first-ever NXT Championship match, since that match will not air until the month of August. A lot of this success comes from a bunch of wins in June and July on NXT and Superstars. Mahal isn't a big name, but his budding storyline with Ryback is intriguing.

    13. Primo (15-10-0)

    Primo hasn't been too busy. In fact, since he and Epico had A.W. turn on their team at No Way Out, Primo has only been in five other matches. Primo lost for the first time since that betrayal two weeks ago on Smackdown in an eight-man tag team match. Primo has not been seen in a match since.

    14. Hunico (15-12-1)

    Hunico has been another versatile superstar. Lately, he has been teaming up with his buddy Camacho a lot. Hunico isn't a fixture on WWE programming, but does well when he is there and, judging the record, is more successful than not.

    15. Dolph Ziggler (15-32-3)

    Even coming off a month with the greatest victory of his career, Dolph Ziggler still has twice as many losses as triumphs. It's hard to be Ziggler, who tries to push himself into the main event and does just enough to do so, but still ends up as the loser in a lot of his matches. The rub of being with Ziggler in a match is valuable, but the outcomes need to start going in The Show-Off's favor.

    Other names

    16. John Cena (14-5-7)

    19. Zack Ryder (14-12-2)

    22. Alberto Del Rio (13-11-3)

    23. Christian (12-9-1)

    25. Randy Orton (12-11-3)

    28. Chris Jericho (11-10-4)

    29. Kane (11-16-6)

    33. Cody Rhodes (10-27-0)

    38. Jack Swagger (9-30-3)

    45. Damien Sandow (7-2-1)

    49. The Miz (6-24-1)

10) CM Punk (17-16-5)

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    CM Punk has been WWE Champion from the very beginning of this year, yet looks at a very average record and is just one victory over the .500 mark.

    Punk has changed his attitude slightly in the past week or so, but he is still the same CM Punk that we have known about for more than a year now. Punk still stands atop the wrestling world as the major champion in the promotion.

    A triple threat title match at SummerSlam takes a long title run by Punk and puts it in jeopardy. However, his long reign as champion could add another defining victory.

    With a few weeks before the event, let's just hope that Punk doesn't end up with a losing record overall before this very important WWE title bout.

9) Titus O'Neil (18-12-0)

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    The Prime Time Players have been one of the biggest surprises of 2012 as Darren Young and this man, Titus O'Neil, have gone from NXT mainstays to making "millions of dollars."

    Along with A.W., these two have really been able to revitalize the tag team division for the better. O'Neil has gotten most of his victories alongside Young, but he has had some individual success as well.

    One of the better examples of that being true has been O'Neil defeating Kofi Kingston this past week on RAW. It may have been due to interference, but a victory is a victory in WWE. His light is shining brighter than ever, and O'Neil can become a champion before the year is over.

    His new nickname is "The Real Deal" and that may just be the case. As long as the Kobe Bryant comparisons stop, O'Neil should be good.

8) Ryback (21-0-1)

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    With 21 victories in a row, Ryback continues to be the most unstoppable force of 2012. Ryback has been practically indestructible in all of his matches, dealing dominating offense to his opponents.

    As weeks have worn on, a few superstars have been able to give Ryback a little bit of resistance. Jack Swagger, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and Jinder Mahal have tried their best and shown some impressive actions but have not been able to get the best of the juggernaut that is Ryback.

    The only blemish, if there really is one, is the no-contest Ryback has. He was scheduled to face Swagger, but was ambushed before the bell was able to ring. Ryback took some abuse but fought off Swagger.

    As Swagger was out of the ring and had no desire to come back in, the match was thrown out and never technically happened. Still, it may have been the best test for Ryback yet. As the streak lengthens, we are one match closer to seeing Ryback's first loss.

7) Kofi Kingston (22-20-0)

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    The exciting Kingston is just two victories over an even record, but there are 22 wins in that span this year. A lot of those have been tag team matches.

    Between Evan Bourne and R-Truth, Kingston has been a fixture in the tag team division in 2012. The division will only get as big as he does, but it seems that it may be time for Kingston to eventually break back into singles competition.

    Kingston is a popular superstar, but is not exactly a main eventer. He's still young and has had some rounds with the United States and Intercontinental Championships. His reigns were starting to lose meaning, but that's how his tag team reigns are starting to feel.

    Don't expect Kingston in the tag title race at the end of the year. He's too talented to be tied down by a guy who sees an imaginary child.

6) R-Truth (22-13-0)

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    Speaking of that man, R-Truth has just as many victories as his partner, Kingston. However, R-Truth has seven fewer matches, meaning there are seven fewer losses for R-Truth. R-Truth has had a pretty percentage since his heel turn last summer.

    That heel turn gave him a WWE Championship match last summer and a pretty high-profile alliance with The Miz. R-Truth helped main event a Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden last November.

    A Wellness Policy violation that came out right after did not harm R-Truth's stock too much. He returned as a face, going after his former partner in The Miz. He also seems to be crazier than before.

    He now sees Little Jimmy as an imaginary little boy and has the "kid" accompany him to the ring. Even with his high age and a gimmick that is pretty ridiculous, R-Truth is among the biggest winners this year.

5) Daniel Bryan (23-22-5)

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    Nobody has had a bigger change in attitude in 2012 than Daniel Bryan. Bryan began 2012 as the World Heavyweight Champion and quickly became an arrogant heel.

    Previously viewed as an underdog champion, Bryan began to get lucky and had his lucky streak begin to anger superstars and fans alike. His chants of "YES!" became bigger than Bryan's entire character.

    His title loss to Sheamus at WrestleMania was a hard pill to swallow, but he became a bigger star after it. A few big fights with CM Punk now have Bryan in a big spot in the company.

    As we head into SummerSlam, it may be Charlie Sheen of all people that Bryan will be facing. Bryan will get the high-profile spot of facing a celebrity. It worked out for guys like Chris Jericho, John Cena and Big Show, so why not?

4) Big Show (25-15-5)

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    It seems like Big Show is made to dominate a lot more lately only to lose in the end, but it has been a pretty successful year for Big Show. Big Show began the year chasing after the Intercontinental Championship owned by Cody Rhodes.

    Big Show got the job done at WrestleMania, winning that title and laying claim to have won every possible championship in WWE since he arrived in the company. This, of course, negates him ever winning the Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Championship for size or the Divas/Women's Championship for gender.

    Following that, Big Show was his regular popular self with the fans. He then fell into the crosshairs of John Laurinaitis and became a scapegoat for things spiraling out of control for Johnny Ace. With Laurinaitis' job on the line, a recently fired Big Show brought Laurinaitis back into the ring to attack John Cena and give Laurinaitis the victory in order to be hired back.

    Now with a new attitude and a supposed iron-clad contract, Big Show is a dangerous force in WWE. He will be racking up the wins this year, even if it doesn't include more championships.

3) Santino Marella (26-23-0)

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    The third-most victories in WWE thus far belongs to just the ninth man to hold the United States title in one reign for 150 straight days since the title became WWE property in 2001 and among the top ten longest reigns among the last 18 years.

    For all of the great men, including future members of the Hall of Fame, that have held the title, few have been the sort of champion Santino Marella has been. A run of success, including his first Elimination Chamber match, is what started Marella's 2012.

    Following that tease in the main-event picture, Marella came a little bit back down to earth, but only enough that he would shock Jack Swagger for the United States Championship in March. Since then, Marella has defeated a bunch of men with his Cobra finisher.

    Still, Marella used to be a big loser, both in win-loss records and personality. Now, it's only the latter that Marella still fails at. His three victories more than losses could be better for a champion, but it will do.

2) Brodus Clay (27-2-1)

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    Brodus Clay was among the debuts in 2012 when be came to RAW as The Funkasaurus. He rattled off a pretty impressive streak of victories, but that would ultimately end when Clay met The Big Show. That is where Clay suffered his very first loss.

    His second loss came at the mighty hands of none other than... Zack Ryder? It was Ryder winning the battle royal to manage Smackdown for one week that saw Clay get eliminated, thus resulting in a loss.

    Still, if those are the only blemishes to Clay's record, there's certainly a lot to be happy about. Clay shows that excitement by dancing along with Cameron and Naomi before and after matches.

    Somebody call his momma and let her know that her boy has the second-most wins among anyone in WWE this year.

1) Sheamus (43-11-3)

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    We get that Sheamus is tough and hasn't been easily defeated in the past few months. With that said, Sheamus having 43 victories is absurd. Most WWE superstars haven't been in 43 matches this year so far, let alone win them.

    It's such an incredible lead of 16 victories over Brodus Clay and the rest of the WWE superstars that if Sheamus doesn't end 2012 with the most victories, it will be ridiculous, short of him being injured or suspended in the process.

    That's clearly been the point of 2012 for Sheamus: just go out and win. He's done that a heck of a lot and being the World Heavyweight Champion doesn't hurt, either. Since WrestleMania, it has been all about The Great White on Smackdown.

    His 123 days already rank as the eighth-longest reign in the title's 11-year history. By this weekend, that reign will be the sixth-longest of all-time and the longest since Kane's 154-day reign in 2010. Defeating everyone in his path, this is not a shocking top of the list.


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