The Biggest (Problems) Backstage List Part II: No. 5 To Numero Uno!

KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2009

Alright, fellow B/R members!!! Say hello to Part II of the biggest a-holes list, which is most appreciated with.....

Hit the Ropes with Demetrus, Shane, and Daris!!! The best wrestling show on the planet!!! HARLEY RACE is on THIS WEEK!!!!

I mean, seriously, what is reading B/R without HTR!!! IT WOULD SUCK MORE THAN MR. McMAHON UP BIG SHOW's well....big ASS.

Sorry, DX camp style came over me again. Now on to the article...

DISCLAIMER: There are two people, who, just by fury of hating them, many at B/R think they belong here. I’m talking about John Cena and Goldberg.

Guys, Cena can put on a good match, and the only reason why we got sick of him is because of the fact that WWE eliminated his rapper gimmick, which is probably a top five gimmick that the WWE has ever produced (behind Rock, Stone Cold, HBK, HHH, and Santino).

As for Goldberg, for all the haters out there saying that he never paid his dues are completely wrong. Goldberg’s got a great record backstage, and he also is one of the most gifted (for his size) in the ring of all time. I mean, this guy did practically revolutionize the Spear, right?

The guy has a great move-set, and when it comes to the push Bischoff gave him, yes it was outrageous, but really, only he could have handled such a gimmick. So, if ANYONE on B/R has a problem with Goldberg for the wrong reasons (I want a good explanation), you won’t hear the end of it.

5)  X-Pac - In the wrestling business, there has never been a bigger fraud than X-Pac. Now retired, Sean Waltman is known not for his stellar wrestling skill, but for taking so much advantage of his friends and peers and burning all his bridges he ever built.

     He was absolutely nowhere in 1993, until the Kliq came along, and caught booking power. He then had the good life for about a year, until he, Nash, and Scott Hall saw a money opportunity in WCW, at which he left WWF.

     Then, X-Pac (wrestling as Syxx) became a member of nWo, and stayed at WCW for two years. During those two years, he actually wrecked his friendship with Nash and Hall, and also wrecked his relationship with WCW, who eventually (we think) fired him.

     Then, he went back to WWF where he was welcomed by Triple H and Chyna, two of his other friends from the Kliq. But, once again, he burned all his bridges (him and Triple H were done after X went out with Chyna later on) and he now has nowhere to go.

4)  Vince Russo - Some say Eric Bischoff destroyed WCW. But really, it was the assclown that was Vince Russo. Bischoff built WCW, and Russo destroyed it.

     Russo is known as the guy who created DX, the guy who “created” (Vince actually did this) Stone Cold, the Rock, and Mankind, and the guy who built WWF.

     Russo, for the cash, quickly jumped to WCW in days to join Bischoff’s mission to counter WWF. Russo, though, wouldn’t take advice from anyone at WCW and used his old glory in WWF to give himself complete booking power and writing power for WCW, a very bad combination for anyone to control.

     Russo also ran out of ideas by 1999, and started to use nWo vs. WCW storylines over and over, because sadly, he thought it would work. Bischoff was smart to leave WCW before it fell, and something tells me even he sensed hiring Russo was bad (he, like everyone else, said he paid Bret Hart too much).

3)  Scott Hall - This guy might just be the biggest all-around ass I have ever seen. Scott Hall is still using his one-year long popularity from 1994 as his raft from managements, his wife, and other wrestlers. Hell, even Kevin Nash got sick of him, which is pretty sad. Nuff said.

2)  Batista- Batista is one of the most overrated wrestlers I have EVER seen. Five World title reigns, Evolution, and a Hell in a Cell with Triple H is enough to say that this guy should be lucky he’s getting all this from WWE. Many compare his body style to Triple H, but that’s it.

     He has no mic skill, a moveset that’s less exciting than John Cena at times, and absolutely no charisma.  What makes it worse is that Batista is a complete pain backstage to deal with; only wanting pushes and perks from WWE.

     He treats every other wrestler like dirt (worse than even Triple H) and can’t do anything for a fan without making a conflict about it (Triple H at least gives a good amount of time now to his fans).

     A good example? Check this out… I’ve met both Triple H and Batista. First, Triple H. I met him two years ago, when he was out with his quad injury. It was in Chicago (June, and since I was the last guy in line, I got to say a few words with him about his injury, his return (He clued to me that it was SummerSlam), and my mom even got into it.

     Pretty cool, huh?  Now, Batista. With Dave, I met, got an autograph, and went away. He didn’t look too happy that day…

1)  Hulk Hogan­ - Hulk Hogan is the most recognized name in the business. In the general public, Hulk Hogan says “beast” to many people, even though he looks like something else.

     Hulk Hogan is also the man who arguably put professional wrestling on the map of the public. He’s the man who arguably put pro wrestling on PPV, on TV, and in pop culture (or you could say the Rock, either one).

     But as much as Hogan gave to the wrestling world, putting it in a whole new spectrum, people didn’t realize what kind of wrestler he was. Hogan is STILL considered a worse in-ring wrestler than John Cena, and also (wait for it) has worse mic skills than Cena.

     This is what brings me to him backstage. Hogan’s had a huge history backstage, because well, let’s face it; he can be just ignant at times. Hogan’s problem is that he thinks he made the industry, but really, the industry made him.

     Hell, if you think about it, everyone else on this list has paid more dues than him, even Batista. Hogan doesn’t give a shit about the fans, Vince McMahon (someone he owes his life to) and most of all, the business and all his opponents. This guy just makes me sick.

     So in conclusion, you can tell me what YOUR list would be, but mine is this, and remember, I'm only 14, so this is from my experience.

This is a BRB/VLR production. Now can you dig that, suckas?