WWE: John Cena and CM Punk Both Need Their Own Factions

The EndAnalyst IAugust 1, 2012

Where does your loyalty lie?
Where does your loyalty lie?

SummerSlam is almost upon us. And, the greatest event of the summer—sorry, London 2012, but, you are still in my top 5!—seems to be set up nicely with regard to the WWE Championship, which will certainly get its well deserved spot to close the show, with the WWE Champion CM Punk set to defend his title against both the latest Grand Slam Champion, the Big Show, and Vince McMahon's "Dollars and Ratings Champion" John Cena. This epic battle is not only for the WWE Championship, but also for building up to a Royal Rumble encounter with "The People's Champion," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Most fans reasonably expect either Punk or Cena to walk out of the Staples Center with the gold around their waist. Big Show is not a top draw and he will not have the same appeal as Cena or Punk, either with the WWE Championship or in a match-up with "The Great One." So, it is quite natural to expect that Punk and Cena will feud over the strap between SummerSlam and the Rumble—unless a certain former UFC champion gets thrown into the fray.

There are Five PPV events in the interim. One of them happens to be a member of the Big Four—the Survivor Series, which will take place in Indianapolis in November.

And, the Survivor Series means one thing—a traditional Survivor series elimination tag-team match.

The problem with recent Survivor Series matches is that they have not really meant anything. While Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett survived against Randy Orton's team last year, they did not accomplish anything out of it. They did not get a championship opportunity—not even a tag title match. Which isn't really surprising, given that the match had no real build-up.

But, a Survivor Series match can be really interesting if there is something up for grabs—perhaps the winning team gets to decide the stipulations of the main-event which will be held later in the evening?

With indications of a Cena/Punk feud, it would be wonderful if four (or five) men each, representing the WWE Champion and his challenger, faced off in a tag team elimination match to determine either the stipulations or the special guest referee for the main contest later in the night, with the losing team being completely barred from ringside.

In order for Punk and Cena to have teams to represent them, they need to have trustworthy allies—although trust is brittle as glass in professional wrestling. The only way this can be reasonably credible is if their representatives have actually been associated with them in the months leading up to the match. Hence, it would be important for both these men to have factions or stables under their leadership.

But, I'm not saying that these men need factions for the sole purpose a pay-per-view event which is still months away. There are multiple other benefits of giving both of the top draws their own factions.

Firstly, giving both men factions will enable an escalated proxy war, without having a confrontation of the leaders on every show. We have witnessed so many "throwaway" matches on RAW and SmackDown that the battle of the big guys does not seem to that much of a spectacle anymore. By giving these guys stables, the lesser battles can be fought by the minions while the captains are kept in reserve for the big event.

Second, the midcard title would also mean something as the teams jostle to upstage each other on every show—RAW, SmackDown, Superstars, NXT—and try to gather as much of the gold as they can on their own team.

Thirdly, RAW is now three hours long. Instead of pointless backstage promos involving Hornswoggle or Natalya's bodily functions (which should remain private), we can get a pep-talk from CM Punk as he rallies his men to win the tag team titles from Cena's team.

Fourth, it can test the resolve of the few guys—perhaps Randy Orton and/or Sheamus among them—who do not have allegiance to either side and prefer to walk alone.

Fifth, WWE can make a lot of profits from the sales of merchandise of both teams.

And, finally... Finally, when The Rock does come back—not via satellite, but the real deal—to television to see how things are going, he can "layeth the smacketh down" on the "jabronis" of both factions and tell both Punk and Cena "to know their roles and shut their mouths" because, come the Royal Rumble, "it does not matter who comes in wearing the WWE Championship! No matter who his opponent is, The Great One will check him into the SmackDown Hotel. And, if anyone tries to interfere in the match, the Rock will take that jabroni, shine him up, turn him sideways..." And you know the rest.


Now, all that remains is to find suitable members to join both the factions. And that, I think, is the easy part.