Inside Friday Night Lights, Vonn Bell, Recruiting, and OSU with Darron Lee

Michael ChungCorrespondent IIIJuly 31, 2012

Out of New Albany, Ohio, Darron Lee impressed the coaches during June camp. Going neck-and-neck with Vonn Bell, Lee was so impressive that he gained an Ohio State offer and committed shortly after. He will quarterback his high school team this year but is listed in databases as an ATH. Urban Meyer loves recruiting quarterbacks and remembers how Joe Haden, one of his best defensive backs at the University of Florida, was also a high school quarterback. I interviewed Darron by phone and have capsulized his answers.


Bleacher Report: What was FNL (Friday Night Lights) like?

Darron Lee: Really good experience. I did not participate, I was just there to watch and help recruit uncommitted players. I talked to 2014 recruits as well as 2013 commits Evan Lisle, Joey Bosa and Billy Price. I also got to hang out with the coaches, which I have not done since I committed.


B/R: Who impressed you the most at FNL?

DL: Shelton Gibson! He blew everyone out of the water. Watching him against the corners, he was next to unstoppable. No one could go against him, his acceleration was unbelievable as he gets off the ball fast and no one could cover him. He is a huge threat.


Zach Yousey was also impressive. He is underrated and should get a good look from major programs.


B/R: You were impressive at the June OSU camp. Many said you were neck-and-neck with Vonn Bell during drills with observers giving Bell a slight edge; how did you fair against Vonn, and did you feel you were equal, if not better than him during drills?

DL: Tough to judge, we have 2 different body types. I am bigger and stockier. Vonn is an extremely good athlete but I would not say someone is better and did better than I did. He is immensely talented but I felt that I held my own against him.


B/R: How do you think Vonn Bell would do against Shelton Gibson?

DL: Vonn is fast and would definitely hold his own against Shelton. I saw no one at FNL that compares with Vonn as far as talent.


B/R: What do you think are OSU’s chances of landing Vonn Bell?

DL: Honestly, I am not sure but he would be a great addition to our class and complete our defense. I think it will be a tough battle against the SEC schools, as the entire top of the SEC are in on Vonn. We are still in the hunt and made his final list. I am in his ear, calling him, texting him, trying my best to convince him to choose Ohio State but having friends who are attending SEC schools now, it is going to be a battle.


B/R: Who else have you been working on to recruit to OSU?

DL: I have not been as active for other players as I have been towards Vonn but I talked to Raekwon McMillan and Dante Booker at FNL. I think there is a good chance they chose Ohio State. Raekwon, like Vonn, has many offers from SEC schools so we will be in a battle for him. I also talked to Thaddeus Snodgrass at FNL and encouraged him to join us at OSU.


B/R: What position will you play at OSU?

DL: Not sure, but it will be on the defensive side of the ball. I am coming into to OSU as an ATH but I have been told that defense is where I will play.


B/R: What will your major be?

DL: Business and Accounting, I am really good at math.


B/R: Hobbies?

DL: Hanging with friends, reading books, listening to music and working out.


B/R: Food?

DL: My mom’s cooking, she is an amazing cook. She usually cooks southern-style food like greens but anything she cooks, I love.


B/R: Anything else you want to say to Buckeye nation?