The 2nd Coming Of The Highlight Reel: Week 1

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2009

I've taken up my own fantasy series of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. I loved the show, and am disappointed that it isn't shown anymore. I can revitalize least my way. This series will not only be told from my point of view, but will based on a fantasty RAW series wrote here on B/R weekly by Greg Bush.

It will also coexist in the same universe as the the Smackdown and ECW series written weekly by Ray Bouguz, and Anonymous guy respectively. These are great and creative shows as they have played a part in inspiring me to write this series. The lastest installment of each series can be seen below.


Ray Bouguz's latest Smackdown can be viewed here.

Greg Bush's latest RAW series can be seen here.

Anonymous Guy's latest ECW series can be seen here.

                                    WWE.COM Highlight Reel

Buffering....uploading...100% ....3.....2.......1............

"Break The Walls Down!!" Jericho theme song hits as he makes his way down to the broadcasting area. He appears to be limping. It seems that he hasn't fully recovered from the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out, and the Battle Royal on RAW earlier this week.

"No this isn't Mattitude version 1 or whatever version it is, this is the 2nd coming of greatness!" Jericho jokingly says.

"Welcome to the 2nd coming of the Highlight Reel!" WHAT?! were you expecting the Dirt Sheet?....Or that horrendous Cryme Tyme show?"

Jericho is talking into the camera as if he's live on RAW and not a web show.

"Yes it's true! Pick your jaws up from the bottom of the floor and roll your tonuge back into your mouth. Not only do you get to see this SEXY BEAST on Monday Night RAW, but you'll see him on cyber space, the information superhighway, the world wide web, the internet!"


Jericho is clearly hyped.

"Forget about Y2K, that's 9 years ago, It's 2009! It's Y-2-J!"

"Enough about how great I'm. The important thing is that WWE has finally realized how vital the ayatollah of Rock N Rolla is to their company, and gave him back his show...on the WEB! I'm going to save WWE.COM".

"Many of you seen me come up a little short at No Way Out. Well on Monday, I had earned myself tickets to the grandest stage of them all". Jericho smiles, and continues.

"You see, fate has a funny way of playing it's hand. I had a royal flush all along. I was counted out of Wrestlemania, and now I'm back in...first class style. I'm sure some of you nonsenical babbling idiots have no idea what I'm talking about. Look no further, you can relive my ground breaking performance on this week's Monday Night RAW".

Jericho steps aside as WWE stage technicans bring a big flat screen panel on the set and begin to set it up.

"HURRY UP ASSCLOWNS! THIS ISN'T A TWO HOUR SHOW!" Jericho clearly expresses his disdain for the WWE stage crew's speed.

"Why do they pay these idiots"...Jericho mumbles under his breath.

"Yup! This is the new and improved Jeritron 5000!" I know it's hard, but for one second,.....just one second, take your eyes off this SEXY BEAST, and put them on my Jeritron 5000".  Jericho looks pissed.

"I don't want to, but i'm required to show recaps of RAW, Smackdown, and ECW". He turns on the Jeritron 5000. The Smackdwonn rebound is shown first.


The footage shows Smackdown GM Ric Flair, putting Vickie Guerrero, and Edge in their place. He announces an 8 man tournament for the number one contenders to face off for the WWE title at Wrestlemania XXV.

In round 1, Big Show def Vladimir Koslov, Edge def Jeff Hardy, Khali def Matt Hardy, and Undertaker def Triple H. Round 2's main event  of Taker vs. Edge is advertised for next week. Edge isn't too happy about this. Jericho pauses the screen.

"Not that I care about Smackdown, but I love to brag when I'm right. Ric Flair just can't seem to stay away from the business can't he?" Soon he'll actually be in the ring again.....doing his little a dog. I'm also required to have a poll every web casting, so I have one". How long will it take Flair to return to the ring?

A) A couple of weeks.

B) Before Wrestlemania XXV

C) Sometime this year.

D) Next week.

"Choice D is my favorite". Jericho startes laughing and moves on to the ECW recap. The recap begins, but the screen goes blank and the show is experiencing technical difficulties.

"FIX IT IDIOTS!" Jericho is yelling at the crew, who takes a while to fix it. WWE shop zone is advertised in the meantime. When the problem is solved, the ECW recap has ended.

"I don't know what happened", said Jericho. "I just hope those hardcore freaks down there in ECW are alright after that extreme chamber match".

"Now for the moment you have been waiting for.....ME getting my first class ticket to Houston, Texas!" The RAW rewind shows the opening of RAW, but Jericho fast forwards to the battle royal. Hethen fast forwards again until he and Christain are left. The clip shows Jericho low blowing Christian, winning the royal, and getting superkicked by HBK, and finally the unprettier by Christian. Jericho pauses the screen again.

"Ahhh don't you just love seeing an "actual" superstar?" Jericho's smile quickly diminshes.

"I win the royal, and what do I get in return?......A Superkick. I thought me and HBK buried the hatchet, but I was wrong. I though ol HBK got enough heart break when he worked for JBL, and now, he'll be in for more. Last year I bashed his skull, and damaged his retna with this very own Jeritron 5000. Yes,this is the same old one. The funny thing is, while I wiped off HBK's dry blood, I thought I was closing a chapter of my life, but I'll have to reopen it.....and finish it". Jericho now looked very vindictive now.

"Of course I still have guests on the Highlight Reel....what kind of a host would I be if I didn't?" Jericho smiles sadisticly.

"Ladies, Gents, and Idiots, without further ado my guest". Jericho moves to the side as  Marty Jannety, from the Rockers comes to the set.

"I'm not a newscaster. There is no script, no teleprompter. What you are about to see, is real". Jericho talks to Janetty.

"It's nice to have you on the show Marty".

"Thank you Chris".

"You know Michaels, don't ya? You were partners with him wayyy back in the olden days. You guys were the Rockers right?"

"I wouldn't say olden days, but HBK is pretty old. I'm disgusted by what has transpired recently".

"Me too too. If you could describe HBK in one word what would it be?"

"Coward", "Backstabber", "Liar", "Phony", "Bitc----

"WHOA!" Take it easy there Marty. I feel your pain, I really do. I have something for you". Jericho digs in his pockets and pulls out two Wrestlemania XXV tickets and puts them in a fuming Jannety's hand.

"I want watch Wrestlemania. I will get you redemption....everyone's redemption as I will dismantle HBK...again". Marty looks at the tickets closely.

There is silence.....Jannety then shakes Jericho's hand.

"I'll consider it". Jannety walks off the set as Jericho smiles. Jericho then fixes his tie and walks of the set. The show comes to a close.


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