Dear Lebron: Why We the Fans Should Finally Ease Up on King James

Crawford Jones@@cjones13uhContributor IIJuly 31, 2012

Somewhere Dan Gilbert is crying...
Somewhere Dan Gilbert is crying...Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Lebron, you are finally allowed to celebrate. And I’m not telling you this because I think you are hanging on every word I write, you proved you can block out chatter this postseason.

No, this is more for us, the authorlete[1]. The ones’ who took delight in wondering if you would ever figure it out. Vegas and I were both wrong, so the first round after you get back from London is on us. You’ve earned it.

It’s not like you need us to tell you that, you waited this year till it was certain. There were no premature celebrations like last year’s debacle against Dallas. There were no fake coughs and certainly no choking. You’ve earned this parade. You showed it throughout the playoffs.

When your team needed you most, you piggybacked them like a five year old after a day at the mall. Like a true superstar, you efficiently did whatever your team asked each night. You filled the stat sheet night after night over the last month and a half, doing whatever was asked of you to win.

In games when your team was trailing in the series, you averaged 39 points and 13 rebounds. In Game 5, when the whole world knew you were on your way to your first championship, you ran over and told “Little Brother” Chalmers to just “play ball.” No chances this time. You made sure that the NBA championship was celebrated in Miami for a second-straight year. This time it’s your party.

You took on the Thunder, the doubters and the media and still had enough left to carry Mike Miller up and down the court and make him look like Reggie Miller. Because of your slashing and passing, you are giving him the best possible going away present: His first championship ring.

Sure we can choose to focus on your weaknesses, like The Decision. Not your shining moment to leave your hometown team on national television.

You’ve issued The Apology for it, but everyone seemed to overlook that. Just like everyone seems to conveniently overlook the fact that you raised almost $4 million for the Boys and Girls Club of America during The Decision. At some point, people will get past that. But if you’re arrogant enough to raise that much for charity, shame on you. 

Oh and remember that little catwalk soirée you threw before last season? The new Lebron wouldn’t have done that. But luckily for you, the new Lebron now has a reason to throw a party that makes that one look like a kindergarten spelling bee tailgate.

So yes, all these gaffes make us assume you’re a little arrogant but we would be too if we had athleticism that’s only seen in the animal kingdom. Throughout the playoffs, you routinely made elite athletes like Durant, Westbrook and your own teammates look pedestrian—and you made it look easy. You glided up and down the court on your way to the basket and made OKC look like newborn fawns on rollerblades. 

Which is another thing: You finally realized how athletic you are and stopped trying to shoot jump shots.

Just so I’m not just inflating your ego, you are a below average jump shooter. You are streaky and inconsistent outside of the paint. But at some point during these playoffs, you realized that no one could keep you out of the paint unless you let them. Who needs a jump shot when you can get to the basket when you see fit?

You drove past and through defenders all playoffs and they got sick of seeing it. So when your legs failed you in Game 4 of the Finals but your team still needed you, you saw the defense playing back, waiting for you to drive and you calmly drained a dagger of a three.

That’s your game, drive past the defense all game until they are fed up with it and play too far off. Now that you’ve found it, the league better be on notice. You’re still King James, but if you keep this up you’re a new and improved version. A scary thought for a three-time MVP.

And the MVP’s are nice but you finally have the Title to justify your title.

King James has a crown.


[1] Yes I made up a word