WWE News: Tensai Speaks English for 1st Time in Offensive Tout

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2012

Photo: Tout/WWE
Photo: Tout/WWE

In his first Tout, Tensai (formerly known in WWE as Albert and A-Train) spoke entirely in English for the first time since returning to WWE.

Tensai speaking English will definitely help him get over with fans. Tensai speaking English, however, will definitely be overshadowed by what he said in his Tout.

You can watch Tensai's Tout by clicking here, but, basically, Tensai is being driven to Indianapolis (for SmackDown) by his "personal chauffeur," Sakamoto. Tensai then controversially claims that it is "very very dangerous to drive with a Japanese person" and commands Sakamoto to "open" his eyes.


Tensai's comments will undoubtedly offend many people and be considered racist, and I question WWE's wisdom in writing such lines for Tensai. If Tensai is responsible for writing the lines, I doubt they are Tensai's true feelings. Shortly after he published his Tout, Tensai tweeted the following to former Japanese WWE star Taka Michinoku:

@GiantBernard: Bro, you taught Sakemoto how to work. You should teach him how to drive next.

If Tensai truly believes that it's "very very dangerous to drive with a Japanese person," why would he ask Taka (a Japanese man) to teach Sakamoto how to drive?

Anyway, in a statement released by WWE, the organization issued a strong retort:

"While in character, Lord Tensai (Matt Bloom) clearly took his storyline too far and he will be reprimanded for his inappropriate comments.”

Regardless of who is responsible for the Tout, a mistake has been made. Sure, Tensai has had trouble getting over with fans since he debuted, and Tensai's Tout will definitely get fans talking about him, but aren't there better ways to make Tensai more interesting than to offend people?

Perhaps a better way to make Tensai more interesting to WWE fans would be to have him react to the "Albert" chants that can be heard every time he steps into the ring. When fans chant "Albert," perhaps Tensai should get extra furious. Perhaps he should scowl and yell at the fans and inflict extra punishment on his opponent(s). Anything is better than ignoring the fans. Nobody likes to be ignored.

What do you think of Tensai, Tensai speaking English and Tensai's Tout?

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