Steeler Nation Is Abroad

Phillip BuntingContributor IFebruary 22, 2009


Far and wide, you see Steelers fans everywhere around the globe. You have Steelers' bars in almost every city of the United States, and you are saying to yourself “What do you know, there's a Steelers fan everywhere I go!”


You hear all the time when the Steelers are playing away games, John Madden saying “The Steeler Nation really knows how to travel.” Well, guess what my friends. Steeler Nation doesn't travel well, they are already there. Seriously, it's the truth I'm a member of that same Steeler Nation.


If you are a fan of another football team, have you wondered why there were so many Terrible Towels waving in your home field stands? If you have, it's because the percentage of Steelers fans is huge living in your area.


I'll say this “Every away game is like a home game for the Steelers because of Steeler Nation.” The only time that we really do actually travel well is when we are playing in the SUPER BOWL. Oh boy, we really know how to travel then.


For crying out loud, we have fans overseas and just about the whole country of China. It's amazing, isn't it. Even South Korea has a lot of Steelers' fans thanks to the future Hall of Fame wide receiver Hines Ward. Also, in Mexico, there are a lot of Steeler Nation members. Just think about this: everywhere you go in this world, you will always find a Steelers fan.


Have you ever figured out how Steeler Nation got so big? It all started when the Steelers started winning Super Bowls and the steel industry of Pittsburgh collapsed. That is when families had to move to other cities and find new jobs. However, they still clung to following there favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.


So, from then on, it has been passed on from father to son and from mother to daughter ever since.