Legend Killer Vs The Game: Who Will Come Out To Be The Best???

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2009

Last week on Raw, we saw Randy Orton (The Legend Killer) punt Shane McMahon and then RKO'ed Stephanie McMahon (Triple H's wife). As always Orton was surprised or should I say shocked that he RKO'ed Stephanie and punted Shane.

No, I wasn't surprised that he did that because I bet he wanted to do that for a long time, to both of the McMahon's. In short time Randy Orton took out the whole McMahon family that run WWE!!! Now you may think that's not impressive, but it's actually is.

After some help came to get Shane out of the ring, Triple H came up running into the ring to check on Stephanie...while Triple H was checking on Steph, Randy Orton and The Legacy got out of the ring quickly.

This is the video where Triple H get's really really pissed!!!

Well that show's a new storyline right away, it would be Triple H on McMahon's side and Randy Orton with his Legacy.

We should see Triple H on Raw more now because he wasn't on Smackdown this past week, so that means that maybe Triple H transferred to Raw. Which is actually good because everything would go back to normal. WWE title to Raw and World Heavyweight title on Smackdown.

I think that this storyline will lead to WrestleMania 25 and end it there. I expect to see Triple H's title on the line against Orton at WM25. While we wait until WrestleMania 25, Raw will keep pushing Orton's and Triple H's storyline.

When WrestleMania 25 come's, we might see more than a single match between Orton and The Game. I would really want a Last Man Standing match (like it was at No Mercy one year ago) or just plain no DQ.

Triple H hasn't won a match at WrestleMania since WrestleMania 20 or 19 (I forget), so I expect to see Triple H emerge as a winner and win for McMahon's and keep his WWE title.