Word Life Vol. 20: Buckle Your Seatbelts, It's Turbulence For Houston's Flight

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2009

Usually articles like this would fall under my "I Hear Voices" series. Unfortunately this rare time, it will be Word Life as I have other stuff to discuss  rather than predictions, breaking news, and/or rumors. I also put the article pic together. The middle bottom is Mickey Rourke if people are wondering. While others like to predict matches or give their fantasy card, I like to discuss the ongoings backstage as they are true or rumors at best.

Last week's Raw already foreshadowed a bumpy ride, as if it weren't already. SmackDown has both world championships, and John Cena isn't too happy about that. Edge, the Rated-R superstar, weaseled his way into Raw's Elimination chamber and won the match.

I find it quite amusing that Jericho, Rey, and Cena wouldn't get rid of Edge when he entered in the first place. Why? "HE DOESN'T BELONG THERE!" Faces obviously have no brain and for not ridding themselves of the ultimate opportunist, he made the best of the ultimate opportunity and walked out champ.

Raw has to suffer for that now, thank you Cena. When he confronted Edge, I was ready to change the channel. I get tired off him kissing the fans asses when he gets on the mic. He doesn't always do that, but he has a tendency to do so. Relax buddy! You're loved...Jesus!

Cena came off in a reasonable way, and Edge brought out some memories from the not so good ol' days between the two. Edge may have just sealed his fate. He"ll start running...and Cena will catch him; he'll hide and Cena will find him. Does he really think he's safe on Smackdown? Cena will be over there soon, and you can bank on that.

What's the news on Jericho? Well rumor has it that Mickey Rourke is waiting for the Oscars (tonight) to pass and he might pull a fast one and agree to wrestle Jericho again. WWE already confirmed that he's not wrestling at WrestleMania, but we all know he just wants a decent shot at winning at the Oscars tonight.

WWE supposedly has a plot if he wrestles, and one for if he doesn't. WWE is trying to get more legends to confront Jericho in the meantime. First we had Flair, then we had Piper...who's next? It is rumored to be Sgt. Slaughter. I hope he can cut a good segment with that big ol' jaw of his.

Is Chris Jericho the new legendkiller? The spot is up for grabs since Randy Orton, the original legend killer, now hears voices in his head. If Rourke doesn't wrestle Jericho at WrestleMania then who will? I'll give you hint, he's a true American Hero.


Fortunately it's a rumor, and hopefully it stays that way.

On to other WrestleMania backstage rumors: WWE seems to be trying to get in contact with Trish Stratus. This one sounds more believable and might actually occur since Stratus has already shown interst in participating in WrestleMania this year. Will WWE throw her a bone? Will she bite?

Back to Raw, things still seem out of hand. Triple H will be coming on Raw tomorrow and Orton and Legacy will have to pay for their actions. This isn't the same old Orton, so instead of the usual Triple H/Orton battle, we'll see a war.

Yup what has started as a mistake, is now an irresistable urge. Randy Orton punted and took out Vince McMahon before the Royal Rumble. He then punted and took out Shane on the last Raw. Finally, he gave Stephanie a good ol' RKO. Now Triple H is furious.

Orton already has no problem getting rid of Triple H, his old Evolution member and mentor. Don't believe me? Ask Batista. Triple H also happens to be WWE champ, so that will give Orton some extra motivation.

The Game won't be the only SmackDown superstar appearing on Raw. We'll be seeing a Russian monster. Vladimir Koslov is coming to demolish JBL or HBK...maybe both. Vickie Guerrero believes neither of the two is worthy enough to challenge the Undertaker at the big one. Koslov will face the winner of the match for the right to face Taker. HBK better watch out, that head of his is as hard as a brick.

There's also a Hardy storm brewing on SmackDown. The cold war continues as the two move towards a collison course at WrestleMania XXV. WWE must be scrambling to makes sure everything falls into place. The show must go on, and I think we'll be in for some interesting upcoming weeks.