Kentucky Wildcats Newest Championship Member "Drizzy Drake Rogers"

D'Joumbarey MoreauCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2012

"Young and popping, champagne. They know the face and they know the name."
"Young and popping, champagne. They know the face and they know the name."

Entertainers and athletes are in a similar realm. Being able to bring people together to enjoy their craft is an amazing ability.  

When the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats got their 2012 NCAA Championship rings, they added another honorary member to their list to receive a ring (via Yahoo!). 

The musician Drake also received a championship ring from the Big Blue Nation, and he displayed it on his Instagram page. As one of the biggest supporters of the Kentucky Wildcats, Coach John Calipari made sure that Drake got his own ring with his nickname "Drizzy" encrusted above the 38-2 winning record that the Wildcats posted. 

During the first year of John Calipari's tenure at Kentucky, Drake played at the Big Blue Nation's Midnight Madness event. Drake was also in attendance during some of Kentucky's home games and NCAA tournament games as well.  

In 2009, Drake went as far as stating that Kentucky was his favorite college basketball team and that he rooted for the Wildcats to win an NCAA Championship back when superstars John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were in college. Eventually falling short and losing in the Elite Eight, the Wildcats finally pushed through two years later.  

Though some will say that giving Drake a ring only diminishes the value of what the ring symbolizes, having Drake as one of the celebrity fans will ultimately help more than hurt.  

In addition to building a repertoire of performers that could be in attendance for Midnight Madness, the genius behind giving Drake a championship ring is invaluable. This shows 16 and 17-year-old recruits how cool it is to sign with Kentucky and the perks of joining the Big Blue Nation. 

Coach Cal will continue his trend of bringing in top five recruiting classes annually.  Having one of the most popular artists in music being labelled with the Kentucky brand is yet another huge recruiting chip to Calipari.  

Drake states it best on his song, Thank Me Later.

"I swear sports and music are so synonymous, because we want to be them. They want to be us".