WWE News: John Laurinaitis Officially Resigns as Senior VP of Talent Relations

Voodoo MagicSenior Analyst IJuly 30, 2012

from wwe.com
from wwe.com

John Laurinaitis's time as a backstage player and major official in WWE has officially come to an end. According to an article posted by WWE.com:

Effective immediately, John Laurinaitis is resigning from his position as Senior Vice President of Talent Operations. Following his very public firing at June’s No Way Out, Laurinaitis continued to work behind-the-scenes in his corporate role. After eight years of service in talent relations, he’s “burned out” and now hopes to concentrate on what he knows best: putting together matches and working with WWE talent as a producer.

After months of suspicion, being fired on TV and being stripped of real-life duties behind the scenes, Johnny Ace's time as the man in charge of talent is now officially over.

Take a look at the state of WWE's talent pool and you'll see why. Since Laurinaitis took over for Jim Ross in 2004, how many new performers has WWE produced? Cena and Batista were already in the company. CM Punk was already on his way before Big Johnny came on board.

So, that leaves Sheamus and a lot of Divas who were hired out of catalogs (i.e. Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox). Perhaps I'm missing some, but there has not been a lot of talent brought on by Laurinaitis that has made a big impact. 

It makes me wonder, was this a resignation due to legitimate personal reasons, as the article would make it seem, or is this a classic case of someone being told to resign and claim "burnout" to save face? His body of work, as well as his recent treatment on TV, would make it seem like the latter but, then again, you never know.

Do you think that Laurinaitis was forced to resign, or do you think it was legitimate? Also, what do you think is ultimately going to be his lasting legacy in WWE—a misguided, overmatched bureaucrat, or a Matt Millen-esque destructive force?