Florida Marlins: Who Will Be Their Last Reserve Outfielder?

MF MarlinContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

The Florida Marlins have not been the best or youngest team in the last few years. Considering the stud outfielders that Florida has in the minors, that could change quickly!

These young gunners are so good that the Marlins' management team has been gloating about them for months. However, only one of these prized outfielders can make the team. Who will that be?

I will review each of these young outfielders and tell you which one will make the team


John Raynor--No. 73:

Raynor is a speedster with plenty of steals in the minors. Plus, his batting skills are better than average. He could have earned a roster spot last season, but he broke his hand. Since Raynor broke his hand, Marlins fans have not seen much of him, so no one knows if he has fully recovered from his broken hand.


Brett Carroll--No. 25:

Brett is another victim of injuries, but he has upside. He has been training hard with a doctor who helped Miami quarterback Chad Pennington. So, we know he is determined to make the team.  Furthermore, he has more experience than the other young outfielders. However, Carroll is already an inconsistent batter and fielder, and with this nagging shoulder injury, he may not able to compete with the other outfielders.


Jay Gibbons--No. 30:

Jay was an amazing player until he was implicated in the Mitchell Report. Florida was brave enough to give him another chance, but at 31, this is make-or-break time. If he does not impress, he goes to the minors where the clock ticks on his MLB career. Gibbons was a great slugger and consistent player before "The Report." So, with this experience, power, and consistency, he has the ability to make a huge impact.


Scott Cousins --No. 76:

Scott is a young kid, who has power and speed. He also had success as a junior, winning two World Championships. He has not carried that game into the league, but he is promising. Although he is unknown, he could be the dark horse for this position.


Jai Miller--No. 65:

Jai has played in one MLB game. In that game, he was not mind-blowing, but he was solid. The reason he will be considered for the job is his 19 home runs last season. Miller is also a solid defender. Watch out, Jai may be close to the that coveted reserve-outfielder position.


Alejandro De Aza--No. 7:

Alejandro is the fastest player on this list, and his defensive skills are quite good. However, an ankle injury may slow him down and keep him off the roster. De Aza has played for the Marlins, and he played well for a rookie. As a result, De Aza still has a chance of making the Marlins' roster.


Michael Stanton--No. 80: 

Stanton is more than capable defensively, but he has struggled at the plate.  He has also been traded twice before completing his rookie season. He is not a highly-coveted prospect, but the Marlins could use his arm.


Here is my prediction. 

In my opinion, De Aza will grab the coveted reserve-outfielder spot.

He has the speed, and despite his ankle injury, I think he can outperform his competitors. The Marlins' management will also be attracted to his prior experience, which makes him MLB-ready. Watch out for these outfielders, especially De Aza,

So, there is my opinion, but I would love to see yours! You can hate my prediction or love it. Just leave a comment and I will be sure to reply!