Why Does ESPN’s Doug Gottlieb Hate West Virginia?

Ryan TCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2008

Doug Gottlieb has to be one of the most biased sports analysts. For two weeks now he has trashed West Virginia's out of conference play and talked about their not so meaningful wins in conference.  Did he forget what conference WV plays in? WV plays in one of the toughest conferences in basketball, if not the toughest. Even the lesser teams in the Big East are big wins compared to the SEC.

Before the West Virginia-Providence game this afternoon, Doug was ranting on and on about why West Virginia still is not a lock into the tournament, UNLESS they win the first game of the Big East tournament. Which they did. While on the other hand everyone else with ESPN was saying that WV was already in as far as they could tell.

At halftime of the Big East matchup Gottlieb started talking about how bad WV was playing, while others pointed to the fact that it was still a tie game no matter how bad they have played. The other experts still thought WV would make the tournament even with a loss, mainly because the losses that WV incurred were close against good teams.

Well, this was when the uniformed Gottlieb had to open his trap. He started talking about how close games didn't matter and a loss was a loss no matter what. He said the two point loss to Tennessee, the one point loss to Georgetown (on a missed goaltending call), the one point loss to Pitt (on a last second three-pointer from Ronald Ramon) and a double overtime loss to Oklahoma were just as bad as the big losses to Cincy or UConn. I beg to differ, but that is beside the point. As I previously mentioned West Virginia beat Providence and has moved onto the quarterfinals to face UConn. So, surly they are in the Tournament NOW right, Gottlieb?

Nope, Gottlieb starts running the rant machine again after the game was over and said that West Virginia was still NOT in the tournament. Guess what his explanation was now, you will never believe it.

Doug said that since West Virginia had so many close wins and barely beat St. Johns in the season closer and then struggled today against Providence, that any one of the PAC-10 bubble teams should be in before them.

WELL, Mr. Gottlieb, you CONTRADICTED. First you say that WV will not be in because a loss is a loss no matter what. Even if you lose to the No. 1 team by two points it's the same as losing to the No. 43 team by 25 pts. THEN, you say after WV wins that they shouldn't be in BECAUSE they struggled in a few wins late in the year. Well, Gottlieb if a LOSS is a LOSS, then a WIN is a WIN right?

Go find a new career. You are hated by so many that you are now a joke at the work place. 

Ask West Virginia coach Bob Huggins, who owns 613 more college basketball victories than Gottlieb, his opinion on the Mountaineers’ chances at making the Big Dance and he says it’s a no-brainer.

“I don’t know how any team that wins 11 games in this league is not an NCAA Tournament team,” Huggins said after West Virginia’s three game sweep of Providence Wednesday afternoon in the first round of the Big East Tournament.

Huggins has a unique perspective of the process having once coached on the mid-major level at Akron for five years.

“I know how hard those people work at it,” said Huggins. “But the reality is if it’s the 34 best teams, put them in our league and see how many they win.”

Huggins coached in the Big 12 last year at Kansas State and he believes the Big East is as tough, if not tougher, night in and night out than any conference in the country.

“This has got to be as hard a league as there is in the country,” he said. “What makes it even harder is having 16 teams. So you prepare for 15 different styles of play throughout the season.”