Round 2 Greatest Wrestler Ever Go Vote Your's Count

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Round 2 Greatest Wrestler Ever Go Vote Your's Count

After Round One there were a couple of surprises, but nothing special. Here are the round two match-ups here are the final 32:

Bracket One:

No. 1 Ric Flair vs No. 8 RVD                                                                                       

No. 7 Sting vs No. 3 Ricky Steamboat                                                                         

No. 2 Pedro Morales vs No. 11 Andre the Giant                                                              

No. 5 Rey Mysterio vs No. 4 The Rock                             

Bracket Two:

No. 1 HBK vs No. 9 Jeff Hardy                                                                                    

No. 7 Eddie Guerrero vs No. 3 Hulk Hogan                                                                     

No. 2 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs No. 6 Chris Jericho                                                     

No. 5 Nick Bockweinel vs No. 4 Kurt Angle                            

Bracket Three:

No. 1 Bruno Sammartino vs No. 9 Dean Malenko                                                          

No. 7 Chris Benoit vs No. 14 Rick Rude                                                                      

No. 2 Undertaker vs No. 6 Randy Orton                                                                  

No. 5 Harley Race vs No. 4 Macho Man Randy Savage                                                 

Bracket Four:

No. 1 Bret Hart vs No. 8 Freddie Blassie                                                                    

No. 7 Booker T vs No. 3 Mr. Perfect                                                                          

No. 2 Triple H vs No. 6 Edge                                                                                

No. 12 Kane vs  Roddy Rowdy Piper

Thanks for voting.

-Adrian Staehle

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