Kyle Busch Makes NASCAR History: What a Race

JW InskoContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

Kyle Busch...what can you say? 

He begins his day by leading 95-of-100 laps in the Camping World Truck Series and wins it. Hours later, he leads 143 of 150 laps in the Nationwide Series and wins. 

Busch is a great driver, and will only get better. He made NASCAR history by being the only driver to win two NASCAR races in the same day. We can only expect more from this young 23-year-old. 

Saturday's race was a Kyle Busch show to a point.

Brian Vickers learned how it is when someone goes to block you. Though he made a strong finish by coming home in the top-10.

Brad Keselowski might have had his best finish at Cali, before spinning that dream out close to the finish. 

We got lit up with Michael McDowell when his car caught on fire, and were left wondering how Busch left everyone.

With this race I wonder about Toyota and the power. Busch's Joe Gibbs teammate Joey Logano finishing strong in third place. Toyota has great drivers and are something to watch. 

Harvick gave one last run, but could not seem to catch Busch. 

Edwards was there the whole race, but with a tap from Busch dropped back and finished fourth. 

You know Edwards will be ready for Sunday's Cup race and will try to steal a win away from Busch with a tap of his own. 

There was a lot of great racing and you know there is more to come. What we should expect is not known.

With the Sprint race tomorrow will there be hard feelings over taps? 

Will we have the same go or get out of my way driving? 

Are we going to have a driver take off and leave the field, or will we have close racing and excitement? 

That's what keeps NASCAR fans tuning in every weekend—not knowing and wanting to know.