Kobe Bryant Making Case for the MVP

Mike OwensCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2008

If the NBA is going to reward the best player on one of the best teams in the NBA with the MVP for the past few seasons, why not continue the trend this year?  

Kobe Bryant has not just led the Lakers to best record in the West, but he is also having his best season as a pro.  Throw out the back to back scoring titles and his three NBA Finals wins with Shaquille O’Neal, this is the season where we have seen Bryant at his best.

After a slow start to the season, many people were writing the Lakers off immediately.  No one was giving them a chance in the stacked Western Conference and many thought that Bryant was on his way out.

Oh how things have changed.

Since an atrociously slow start to the year, the Lakers have been one of the best teams in the NBA and have moved to the top spot of the Western Conference, and that’s in large thanks to Bryant.

Bryant has gone from a gunner looking to score early and often, to a player who is more than willing to pass up a shot and it has shown this year.  For examples, just take a look at Jordan Farmar and Andrew Bynum. 

Each of them are very young players who were just okay last year when Kobe was having to win games by himself.  Now look at them.  Farmar has been one of the better sixth men in this league while Bynum was in the midst of a career season before his knee injury. 

To further show how good he’s been, take the fact that the Lakers have not missed a beat since the roster shake up of adding Pau Gasol.  He has been seamlessly added into the Lakers formula and Bryant has been more than willing to give a large amount of the work load to him.  The fact that they were so good so quick is astonishing, especially when you compare it to some of the other trades that were made, specifically the Shaq trade. 

To say the least, if Kobe does not win the MVP this year, he might never get it.  He is having his best season as a pro and the Lakers are currently the best team in Western Conference, which just happens to be the best conference in the NBA.  To say the least, he is more than deserving of the MVP.  The only issue is whether or not the voters will se it in the same way.  If previous voting is any indication, it seems imminent that he’ll win it. 

 But, this is Kobe Bryant we’re talking about, and the media hasn’t looked at him in a positive light in years.  Who knows though, maybe this year will change their tune.