Deacons 2009 Football Schedule

Trey AdkinsCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Wake Forest has its shedule set for 2009. Much like last season, Wake figures to be a contender for the ACC crown. Their coach, however, did not seem too gung-ho in a recent statement after learing of his squad's schedule. "Similar to last season, this will be one of the most challenging schedules in the country," said head coach Jim Grobe. As follows:

Sept. 5 BAYLOR
Sept. 19 ELON
Sept. 26 at Boston College
Oct. 17 at Clemson
Oct. 24 at Navy
Oct. 31 MIAMI
Nov. 7 at Georgia Tech
Nov. 28 at Duke

The schedule for the '09 season is tough, but it may not be one of the MOST challenging.  The ACC has a nag for beating up on each other and usually all end up with crappy bowl games (except for the ACC championship winner).


Here is my breakdown of the 2009 season.

Game 1: Baylor (at Wake) LOSE

Last years game was a complete blowout at Baylor but, it seems as if the Demons may have caught Robert Griffin to early in his freshman season.  He was their leading rusher and starting QB that finished with only 3 interceptions (he threw 0 against two of the top DB's in the combine this year).  WATCH OUT BAYLOR'S OFFENSE MAY COME TO PLAY.

GAME 2: Stanford (at Wake) WIN

This game isn't worth looking up the stats but, every Wake fan knows how the Deacons fall to under rated teams in every sport.

Game 3: Elon (at Wake) WIN

The Phoenix really has no big name recruits, offensive superstars, or defensive monsters.  There could possibly be an upset at BB&T Field because Elon was ranked No. 12 (Division II) at the end of their season in 2008.

Game 4: Boston College (at BC) LOSE

The first trip away from the home turf and what a team to play for your first away game.  Last year Wake was beat at home when they were up the whole game.  The Golden Eagles averaged 24.7 points per game in 2008.  Their defense can be a little loose, but they can still hold the Deacons.

Game 5: NC State (at Wake) LOSE

When I think of NC State football, I think Russel Wilson.  It's almost like this dual sport star came from nowhere leading the team in rushing and finishing the season with only one interception.  Nate Irving will lead the pack defense this season with my estimated guess of 86 tackles.  Last year, as a red shirt sophomore, he was third overall in team tackles.

Game 6: Maryland (at Wake) WIN

Last year Wake, went up north and once again pulled of another Wake Forest "sorest" finish.  They allowed the Terrapins to completely out play them and destroyed the Wake offensive line.  This year this one is a must win for the Deacs.  With a tough schedule you have to pull out these "easy" wins that Wake usually blows.

Game 7: Clemson (at Clemson) WIN

Under the lights in Winston-Salem, NC with the mist and smoke from the Dixie Classic Fair fireworks the Deacons struggling offense barely pulled out the win against the Clemson Tigers.  With the record of 7-6 overall and going 4-4 in the ACC,  the Tigers got off to a horrible start with that massive loss against the BAMA Red Tide. 

From there, the season fell down hill.  There was coaching problems, recruiting problems, athletic director conflicts.  Lets just say they had a start to the season that was a little over rated.  The Tigers may get rolling again in '09 but I believe Wake can pull through.

Game 8: Navy (at Navy) WIN

I know there are Wake haters out there that enjoy making fun of the Deacons because of their troubles with the Navy team, but in the first ever Eagle Bank Bowl game in Washington, DC the Wake offense played just good enough to allow the defense to rest and hold back the under ranked Navy offense.

Game 9: Miami (at Wake) WIN?

This game is one of those that is hard to predict.  The Miami Hurricanes are always a team to worry about but it just depends on who shows up to play.

Game 10: Georgia Tech (at Georgia Tech) LOSE

Paul Johnson's Yellow Jackets are an expected top 12 AP team.  They may have not won the ACC but they are good.  I love Wake Forest, but they just won't be able to handle the jackets this year.

Game 11: Florida State (at Wake) WIN

This will be (most likely) the Thursday night game on ESPN.  Some Wake fans say that our main rivals are the other in state schools but there is nothing like watching the Deacons and Seminoles duke it out on prime time TV.  Hopefully, Riley Skinner will have the Wake offense up and rolling against the weak Florida State defense.  If so the Deacs can pull it out.

Game 12: Duke (at Duke) WIN

The famous Blue Devils leave the hardwood and jump onto the gridiron.  I'm not going to write much because most of everyone knows Duke's athletic director and school in total couldn't care less about there football team.  They did bring in new head coach David Cutcliffe last season and they won a few games.  The Devils could upset Wake but Wallace Wade Stadium isn't Cameron Indoor.


Hopefully my predictions are right and the Deacons will get a decent bowl game instead of the "Eagle Bank Bowl."


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